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  • I stopped fooling with remote control app some years ago. I found the the last iOS app release to be okay then, but with all the changes in iOS 10 and now 11 and the fact Samsung stopped app ...
  • The NX1 system has a number of "issues" that come up here and there. I've seen this often with my NX1 16-50s setup in conditions that should haveproduced sharp results. It's a hit and miss system ...
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    18 Wheeler At Dusk
    Placed 82nd in the challenge. 18 Wheeler At Dusk
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  • It's a gamble. That time of year, you can just about expect an even amount of coverage from completely overcast, completely clear, and mixed cloud changes throughout the day. So maybe a 1 in 3 chance.
  • Submitted a challenge entry Wyoming Sunset
    Sunset Near Rawlins, WY
    Placed 37th in the challenge. Sunset Near Rawlins, WY
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    Beaver pond
    Placed 64th in the challenge. Beaver pond
  • Submitted a challenge entry Mushrooms In Pistachio Grove
    Placed 7th in the challenge.
  • Created question thread Cleaning Keypad on MacBook Pro?
    I have a 3 year old MacBook Pro (Late 2013) I notice at least one of the keys requires addition pressure to activate. I suspect this is from years of dust accumulation working it's way down into ...
  • I guess a lot depends on what you're shooting with and it's effective dynamic range capability and how much noise is introduced at higher ISO values, and if you want to capture post-sunset or ...
  • The quick and dirty answer from an avid landscape NX1/"s" lens user is, the NX1 AF is great in good+ lighting. I've never messed with the "facial focus" feature or whatever they call it but the ...
  • I don't know.  With a tripod, 100 ISO is my go-to setting and I will never shoot above 400, regardless.  Just not impressed with noise levels at higher ISO as some claim is "low" with the NX1. ...
  • Created question thread Thoughts On This 50-150S image
    Maybe I should post this elsewhere.  I'm open to suggestions. (1) Image below was shot with an NX1 and a 50-150S lens. (2) No cropping or PP prior to ...
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  • Knowing the NX1 is now unsupported and that Samsung appears uninterested in developing and supporting prosumer level cameras going forward, no, I would not. There are too many good, great, and ...
  • This was going to be my advice. Optimal exposure at capture, shoot in RAW if available, learn your camera's strengths and weaknesses and learn how to work with these. Make sure you're making best ...
  • What sort of finished image are you trying to produce related to skies/clouds?  You mention longer-exposure water images with water movement blur, so are you trying to somehow show cloud movement ...
  • Is there any benefit that anyone can discern that would sway one to retain native SRW files? I use Lightroom. As an NX1 owner, from the beginning, I have been converting SRW files to DNG files ...
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    On trailers, they sometimes (usually) reverse the trailer height numbers so they read right when viewed in the mirror (as a reminder), however the trailer number reads correctly only when viewed...

  • After doing some simple quick and dirty testing, it seems you need to focus about midway in the scene's depth and use a bracket setting of at least -/+2.3 to see meaningful changes in a closeup ...
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