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Kit lenses have never appealed to me, Ive never owned one & I never will. I would love to see this camera tested with the EF adapter and a proper lens like a 50mm 1.4 or better yet a 50mm 1.2L. The form factor is appealing, drawing less attention than a dslr, making it a nice candidate for situations where discretion is a must.

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Vegasus: I think Canon should make a new DIVISION, e.g. MOVIE-SLR or CINEMA-SLR. This type of camera will target for those movie maker for lower cost yet high quality pictures. Why bother using big bulky video camera?

Or... This is like the new " thinking " for younger generations who are in the movie business.

I just wish that Canon make a bigger CMOS sensor like HASSELBLAD, with all the high tech functions and extras.

Its called cinema EOS, look it up

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Tom Caldwell: Has Canon gone off on some crazy course of it's own on video? Surely I appreciate the technical virtuosity and my "oh my gee whizz" product, but I have a stack of Canon EF glass and I actually have no need for video. So where to now for the plebs that want to see a smaller, evf version of the EF mount camera with video only for emergencies.

Or are Canon doing "a Leica" and simply grandstanding their technical expertise by painting themself into the nice, but unobtainable, corner?

I run to something more than a Rebel but am only hanging about because the EOS mount locks in my investment.

Videographers (all "fifty" of them) are going nuts about it of course.

The 1D C is clearly not aimed at you, there are 10 other dslrs in canon's lineup more biased toward still photography that would probably be better suited to your purposes.

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rbach44: Seems like Canon is starting a new video "megapixel race". And I think they've screwed this offer up. Here's why:

- 8-bit motion JPEG. Very foolish. The reason a lot of videographers use 4k is the same reason why still shooters shoot at way more MP than they need. And throttling it all down an 8 bit pipeline AND then throwing it through a very poor codec (by most professional's reckoning…) is really killing the advantage of 4k. Imagine if the new D800 only shot 3 megabyte compressed JPEGs…

- The Price. Who is this camera aimed at? It costs as much as the C300 and many other great specialized video cameras. Why would someone with $15,000 buy this over the other specialized video offerings, even within Canon's own lineup?

Ultimately it seems like this is the compromise camera aimed towards a pro market that doesn't wan't compromise. . Its an underspecced for a pro device at top of the line pro price. I'll be interested to see how much of these sell.

It is specifically for situations requiring a smaller form factor, i.e. a 4K camera they could fit into tight spaces that larger cameras cant, simple as that.

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sh10453: A lot has been said already, varying from praise to sour grapes.

All I can say is hats off to Canon's engineers!

This is a heck of a powerful piece of engineering and accomplishment in this field, and the class of this camera, although it's not for me, or even close to my budget.

Just designing for, and taking care of the heat issues, with such processing power, in a tiny (relatively) & enclosed environment, is by itself a formidable task, that its magnitude and difficulty may only be understood by electrical engineers (EE's).

Good job Canon EEs; way to go! Pats on the shoulders.

The 1D C is definitely a packaging marvel, 4K cameras were all huge, unwieldy beasts that could not easily be used in the field, but a DSLR form factor allows footage of this resolution to be captured in places that you previously couldn't. Canon had a winner with the 5D mk2 which was much beloved by the video production industry, and have now taken it to another level with this camera.
As for those out there that still think DSLRs should not do video or the video isn't of any use, go sit with the guys who still think film is still better than digital!

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