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On article How water droplets came to life for a Gatorade ad (103 comments in total)
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WuWuZilla: I liked it until the moment where the vertical drops gave a horizontal punch to the sandbag. It totally spoiled my impression that this is not fake. (The making-of video didn't enlighten me on that.)

The kick works just like the rest: Drops of water falling, a strobe lighting them. None of the drops needed to move horizontally.

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On article Fujifilm X-A3 added to studio scene comparison (105 comments in total)

I just wish Fuji made a X-T.. type camera with this sensor and none of their crazy color shifts.

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razadaz: These are clearly aimed at the low end of the market (the rrp is not the street price). Nikon have done more than any other camera manufacturer to try and keep everyone happy. Their DX lenses can be used on their FX bodies and vice versa. Even their older lenses can be used with (depending on the camera body) varying degrees of functionality on their newer cameras. Despite their efforts, it would seem that they prove that whatever you do you simply can't please everyone.

They've done everything to get rid of people who just want a small (=dx) camera with small but capable (=DX primes and DX quality zooms) lenses. The cameras are there, but apart from that nice 35mm 1.8 nothing else seemed to be coming, so I switched to m4/3 like I'm sure many others did.
And no, paying FX-prices and carrying FX-size and -weight in lenses is not something I'm willing to consider on a DX-camera.

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On article CES 2013: Hands-on with Samsung NX300 (151 comments in total)

The most important question for me is: Have the Raw write times improved compared to the previous generation?

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thewhitehawk: I find the lack of wheels on this camera body... disturbing.

On a more serious note, this camera looks more comfortable to hold than most mirrorless cameras, however, I have to say that that large pixel count raises a few yellow flags in my head. Over the years I have observed that whenever Samsung tries to compete with other companies in terms of megapixel count, they tend to sacrifice many other things (see their old Ultra range for reference).

I hope they can prove me wrong, as Samsung tends to be one of the most disruptive companies when it comes to mobile devices, and it would be great to see more competition in the mirrorless camera market. But it will take more than a 3D lens and 20 megapixels to convince me, that's just my opinion.

Only after your comment did I see, it lost one of its wheels compared to its predecessor. But it still has the one on top, I think that is enough.

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On article Just deployed: New forums system (699 comments in total)

The one thing I wished for in the forums was a threaded view with all posts open (or maybe cut short and expandable) or call it flat view with answers moved to the right depending on the post they refer to. Or is it there and I just can't find it?

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I like the changes.
The one thing I've been missing (or maybe just missed) is an option to view the threaded view with all posts opened, or call it the flat view with answers moved a bit to the right depending on which post they refer to.

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On article Canon EOS M hands-on preview (566 comments in total)

What a fantastic preview highlighting all that is special about this camera. This is what makes dpreview my favourite camera site.
The only thing I'm missing is a video and a size comparison with competitors.

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ManuelVilardeMacedo: According to some news I read on a rumour site, Motorola is beta-testing some apps that detect facial expressions in order to exclude faces from the framing. The "Diarrhea" app, which turns the camera off whenever someone who is about to be photographed is having a sudden urge, is expected to be launched soon. Also, they're studying an app to discharge a whiff of Calvin Klein cologne when body odour is detected. It's called "Fart & Sweat".
Finally, rumour has it that Siemens has filed a patent of an app that detects expressions of extreme grief and anguish and turns the image of the subject in a sepia portrait of his/her favourite philosopher: there will be the "Kierkegaard" and "Schopenhauer" modes, which turn on automatically when expressions of despair are detected and, for the existentialists, the "Heidegger" and "Sartre" modes, which are triggered when, in addition to anguish, traces of doubt are detected on the subject's face. Casio is said to have shown interest in these apps.

I like to start my day with a laugh. Thanks!

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