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Reminds me of the worst aspects of scuba diving in cold water - the endless drills putting together and checking equipment, and fumbling to do so with thick gloves on. At least velcro seems to work better in space than it does underwater. Hot tip: turn the camera to the stars and the earth horizon rather than on the endless bits and pieces of equipment!

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Size an weight, of not just the camera body, but the whole system - along with excellent ergonomics and IBIS is where this camera wins, for me, It means that it will go may places other cameras wouldn't.

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PLEASE OLYMPUS - finally overhaul your menu system, the way Panasonic did for their GH5. There just aren;t any more nooks and crannies for all your terrific new features!

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Jim F: As a brand new EM-1 Mark 2 owner, having spent the better part of the past few days studying the 196 page manual and tweaking the myriad of settings to suit my shooting style and preferences, I am encouraged that Olympus is interested in furthering the development of this camera via firmware updates.

With that said, what I fear is any future firmware updates that would cause all my customized settings that I spent so much time adjusting to 'revert' back to some unknown or new default settings, meaning I'd have to start all over again. (I understand that may be the price of progress.) What I'd like to see is a new menu process in which I can save my settings to a small capacity SD card and use it as a separate, off-camera archive so my settings are saved and some or all can be restored if needed, similar to what I can do with my Nikon D500 and other Nikon bodies I've owned.

Yep- I'm just updating my Em1 from firmware 4.1 to 4.3 (they've been really good with updates), and the option is right there to save your settings and then to re-install them. With your EM1ll, not with my oldster.

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Elliot H: for too many, price is high at half the price

I initially had the same reaction. Then I tried one!

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WHY did you (DPR) not ask them about finally overhauling the Olympus Mene system and user interface, the complexity and Byzantine depths of which even DPR's very experienced reviewers have complained about. WHERE are they going to put all the new features?

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Is that actually a woman engineer on one of their teams, If so then, Olympus really is blazing ahead of its patriarchal hierarchical competition is a first small step towards started using aLL of its human potential. It was, after all, the way a WOMAN used his newly developed, small that inspired Yoshihisa Maitani to go ahead with his innovations - like the OM line, on wjich this camera is ultimately based.

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Love that shot! How did you manage to retain start sharpness for an 8 minute exposure?

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Glen Barrington: hmmm . . . I reviewed a half dozen of the photos, or so, ranging from those taken in low light and ones in broad daylight.

The photos all share a common bit of noisiness and a lack of DR and sharpness, to my eyes. Does anyone else notice that? I shoot with that OTHER "M10", the Oly E-M10, and I was expecting a far greater difference in image quality than what I saw.

It could be that the photographer's taste accounts for the lack of a greater discrepancy. I don't know. While I make it a point to never criticize any photographer's choice in tools (we all have to use the tools that gets us where we need to go), these photos don't inspire me to sell my Oly gear and spring for an M10 or sink into a morass of jealousy of those who have one.

I'm good (And yes, I can afford one!)

It is ironic that W. Eugene Smith, Cartier-Bresson, Salgado and Robert Capra are referred to to justify the absurd prices of Leica cameras and lenses. All of these photographers had quite acute social consciences. All of them sacrificed comfort and sometimes risked their lives to take photographs to bring the horrors of war, poverty, environmental destruction and injustice to the world. They chose the best equipment available to do that; none of them would have taken a picture of a poor wretch sleeping rough as a demonstration of image quality.

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Lovely little guy! Where did you take this picture? It rather reminds me of the Hummingbird area at the start of our very wet through a Costa Rican forest.

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Ross the Fidller: It is only occurring if Record View is disabled, otherwise Focus Stacking & other 'buffer Hungary' functions perform just fine. Hopefully Olympus can bring a fix for that quickly, but it isn't a problem if the above setting is set to show Record View (0.3 secs & longer or Auto).

Why would you want to buffer Hungary? \

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A hundred years ago, Oscar Barnack revolutionized photography by patenting tiny, take it along anywhere format. Ninety years ago, Leitz took a huge chance by producing a thousand specimens. Eighty years ago, W Eugene Smith was fired from jis first real job at Newsweek for daring to use such a toy, not serious format instead of a 4x5 Speed Graphic(?). Fifty years ago, those were garage-sale items. With resolution and general image quality on some cell phones and GoPros now meeting and sometimes exceeding what was possible on those speed graphics, isn't finally time to consign the sensor size of mFT to the minor point that it has become?

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Angrymagpie: Nah, I think I'll spend my $2000 on the E-M1 mk2 instead.

If you actually dive, and especially if you have to travel to dive, you'll soon discover that smaller cameras systems with electronic viewfinders like mFT's make a lot more sense. There's a lot more to it than the cost of just a camera body.

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The cost and cumbersome complexity of such rigs made me go digital. When I got back into diving in 2003. Instead of a housing for Nikon F80, I got a little Olympus C5050Z and its pocketable UW case. Diving -especially the drysuit diving here in Canada and the rough-water/high current diving we did in the Galapagos - is a strenuous activity. I prefer to move about and explore and take the occasional snap of the experience rather than attend to the care and feeding of such a megabuck rig and come back with great pictures - just like those in National Geographic, etc, and all over the internet.

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Orcker: This is a lens that's truly groundbreaking when used with the new E-M1II. The so-called Sync IS (i.e., combo lens+ body stabilisation) is simply stunning - 2 secs handheld is possible at 12mm!

The in body IS is so good that I was able to shoot in Turkey's underground cities without flash with the OM-5II. Even people trying to stand still were sometimes blurred because of their motion, but the rocks, etc around them were sharp at 1/8 and even 1/4 second at around 35mm. That is very effective IS which the additional, coupled in lens IS (better for longer focal lengths) is likely to improve.

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String: Whats with all of these (I assume?) DSLR users telling us how "big" the E-M1 is? Seriously folks, I can only ask if you have ever even used an E-M1/12-40 combo and a D810/24-70 combo?

I actually did try - intending to buy - a Nikon D800 with that lens mounted and very quickly changed my mind. He loved my Em-1 and now uses a growing Olympus and Panasonic system alongside a shrinking Nikon one, He'll likely be keeping that particular Nikon setup, but has sold his lower range "plastic" Nikon lenses, as he calls them, in favour of mainly the "PRO" series.

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bluevellet: As much as I look forward to this camera and applaud many of its technical advances, I think it is still a mistake to restrict some of its key components to it.

For example, PDAF should trickle down to the other and lower models. It doesn't have to be the very same PDAF and insane continuous shooting as the EM1 mark II, but it can be what you have on the EM1 mark I 3 years ago or something like that.

It's fallacy to claim only stubborn 43 DSLR users and pros have a use for such features, a soccer mom can also enjoy nailing shots of their kids with increased accuracy and speed. I consider it a great missed opportunity that the upcoming EPL8, as pretty as it looks, isn't all that much different than the EPL7 before it, and then the EPL6 or the EPL5. PDAF could have been something a little more thrilling.

Which is why I've kept my PL5 and often use it alongside my OM5II, Small, discrete -especially with the 12f2 and 45f1.8 and still quite capable Especially with Panasonic now grudgingly adding in-body IS to some of its cameras, Four Thirds is really becoming a large and comprehensive system.

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Hibiscusbloom: The writing is on the wall for mirrored DSLRs.

Is there "common sense" in Hawaii. I sure hope that it doesn't take hold in that extraordinary place! Could mark the end of Spam and the uke!

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Mlumiere: In general the new cameras have a term of technological life rather short, but very good lenses remain almost eternal, with a street value remains higher + more new used availability. I look first is the availability of lenses for a given camera format.

The best of them work pretty well on the EM-1, and should work even better on the EM-1II, I love my OM5II, but not when I want to use my FT lenses.

It does seem that the focus-range limiter WIILL work with FT lense, though not as precisely.

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bofo777: My 4/3 Lumix 25mm works great on present is the go to lens indoors with or without flash such as weddings and I don't think the new 25mm 1.2 is worth that much money if you already have a great lens with essentially same parameters….The 12-100 even if it has great range the 4.0 is the killer because again this lens is going to be used essentially for events and weddings and the bokeh and separation of subject is just not there……

Video clips are, more and more, becoming the norm, even for wedding. The 12-100 will be excellent for those. Especially if you have to shoot both video and stills, as I've had to, at some events.

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