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GiannyM: Since it was stated from the start that Olympus prioritize stills why make most of the interview about video? As a still shooter myself who sometimes make good use of Olympus excellent video capabilities I would have appreciated to learn more about what the company's projects are for us.
As always, thanks for the effort.

What are you saying here? I am in a very similar position to you, though increasingly giving priority to video. But the video-centric approach of Panasonic frankly puts me off.

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The most important thing that Olympus could do quickly, and relatively cheaply, is t really go through and analyze its menu system, graphic-user-interface and control system and revise it completely.

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PPierre: Last time I went to a camera store, I tried the GM5 (yes, not Oly, but if Panasonic can do it, so can Oly, I guess). Though it's not the most ergonomic body I've ever used, it's damn small, and with a 12f2.0, a 25f1.8 and a 45f1.8, it would make a pretty small for good IQ I guess. Add in 75f1.8, which is not that big (though it adds some weight to the kit), and you can photograph almost whatever you may want.

I shoot on an A7II. I've got all the lenses I could need, save maybe a macro. But when I see what I could pack if I had the previous kit I was writing about, I think twice about updating to the A7III. There's room for the 4/3 system, and if I were to advise a body to most of my friends who want a good camera but don't spend their time pixel-peeping, I'd certainly advise them to get an Oly or a Pani.

I used to be a career counsellor, and of the dozen or so pro or semi-pro photographers I dealt wit, at least half felt exactly the way you do. Often this was because of chronic pain or even injuries from carrying heavy gadget bags and handling heavy cameras and lenses..

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JEROME NOLAS: It's time too go FF and leave m4/3 to soccer moms!

What is "Full Frame". Eight inches by ten? Why not shoot that to get the quality your timeless images deserve? 8-)!

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On article Cinematic 4K footage shot with the Apple iPhone X (310 comments in total)

Simple proof that the device this website was named for is, for the majority of its traditional users. essentially obsolete.

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SystemAgnostic: Fortunately, other vendors and open source have competitive replacements for LR. Perhaps none are quite as comprehensive or as good as LR, YET, but I'm confident I'll find one good enough for me. It is unfortunate that it will be difficult or impossible to extract photo modifications to then edit them later in a different software. Oh well.

Which vendors and applications are you talking about? I'm looking for one to deal with 80k + DNG files - or to convert them form that no longer wanted format into a truly public and enduring archival format.

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So every photograph taken with it will be perfect! And, all too often, perfectly boring!
The hype around this camera is a lasting indictment against Nikon and the whole, tired, camera industry. No wonder the present generation (including our daughter, who is a terrifically talented photographer, use their iPhones instead!

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On article The Nikon D850 could be the only DSLR you’ll ever need (1086 comments in total)

This blatant, staccato, non-stop marketing for Nikon marks a new low point for DPR, a site I used to take seriously.

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On article The Nikon D850 could be the only DSLR you’ll ever need (1086 comments in total)

The simple reality is that the dslr,especially the flippy mirror DSLR has already been left gathering dust in a closet by most of those who take pictures.because of its weight, bulk and (especially) complexity,

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petreluk: What is the point of this camera?

It needs better integration with mobile OS to make it a true stepping stone from a smartphone, but Olympus don't provide it. The whole beginner thing comes across as marketing shtick. As it stands, a smartphone is a great deal easier and more convenient while a full-on camera model is a great deal more capable and, unlike this new model, is something a user can grow into.

Not at all, in my personal experience. I've had endless problem with codex compatibility, and have gone back to my OM5ii for important video projects because the G85 provides unpredictable results, and chokes up anytime I try to use 4K in WiFi mode.

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On article Video: Olympus OM-D E-M10 III 4K sample reel (112 comments in total)

It is impressive video - and especially image-stabilization- for a camera in this price range. Now if only had a mic socket!

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Review (598 comments in total)

Based on Robert Wong's review, it seems to provide a lot of bang for the buck: a very effective focus system, great IBIS, better controls and handability, an OLED LCD, usable 4K and even some improvement and quick ways of getting around - the bane of Olympus IMHO - the menu system.

A mic input would have been nice, and losing the ability to control other flashes is also regrettable, but they've significantly improved this camera as a pocketable, all-in one picture-taking tool that is also fully usable as a take-along second body and backuo.

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On photo Carla... in the Beautiful caucasian female faces challenge (31 comments in total)

Technically, a decent picture with lovely, creamy bokay. Aesthetically tiresome, really tiresome. 2017 cheesecake.

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On article Why would I want an external recorder/monitor? (70 comments in total)

If you are going to spend a total of $5-10k on your video device, it is absurd to put it together in marginally-compatible devices. Get a semi-pro or pro video camera. It will have XLR inputs, good quality preamps, a decent swivel LCD display, all the IO ports needed, a single large battery...and a much more compact and ergonomic form factor!

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Mega- corp Apple is a disgusting company. Its suppliers (FoxPro) have to put up suicide nets outside their factories. They have every yuppy gimmick but any kind of daycare at their huge megabuck office. They treat their users like illiterate, childish idiots - and do everything they can to turn them into And their products are all about toxic waste and designed obsolescence: Neural Net, the local repair centre just informed me the Apple refuses to supply parts for computers more than three years old ...or even keep them on the part info on their database.

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HenryDJP: At the end of the day it still runs Windows....and Windows 10 for that matter. Worse than having Trump as a President.

Trump will take you - like he has "taken" things lifelong!

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Reminds me of the worst aspects of scuba diving in cold water - the endless drills putting together and checking equipment, and fumbling to do so with thick gloves on. At least velcro seems to work better in space than it does underwater. Hot tip: turn the camera to the stars and the earth horizon rather than on the endless bits and pieces of equipment!

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On article CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: 'We chose to be bold' (352 comments in total)

Size an weight, of not just the camera body, but the whole system - along with excellent ergonomics and IBIS is where this camera wins, for me, It means that it will go may places other cameras wouldn't.

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PLEASE OLYMPUS - finally overhaul your menu system, the way Panasonic did for their GH5. There just aren;t any more nooks and crannies for all your terrific new features!

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JAF_AZ: As a brand new EM-1 Mark 2 owner, having spent the better part of the past few days studying the 196 page manual and tweaking the myriad of settings to suit my shooting style and preferences, I am encouraged that Olympus is interested in furthering the development of this camera via firmware updates.

With that said, what I fear is any future firmware updates that would cause all my customized settings that I spent so much time adjusting to 'revert' back to some unknown or new default settings, meaning I'd have to start all over again. (I understand that may be the price of progress.) What I'd like to see is a new menu process in which I can save my settings to a small capacity SD card and use it as a separate, off-camera archive so my settings are saved and some or all can be restored if needed, similar to what I can do with my Nikon D500 and other Nikon bodies I've owned.

Yep- I'm just updating my Em1 from firmware 4.1 to 4.3 (they've been really good with updates), and the option is right there to save your settings and then to re-install them. With your EM1ll, not with my oldster.

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