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Cool lenses (need to be tested) and old, outdated sensor from 5dm4 with AA-filter and bad sharpness. It is a fail.

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It is a shame – moire and bad sharpness. Same behind the times old sensor from 5dm4 with AA-filter. Show this in the end of 2018? Facepalm.

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njp73: Since I was a boy I wanted to own a Leica M. To me it is iconic, a masterpiece of engineering and most importantly for whatever illogical reason encourages my passion for photography. I take photos because I love photography, I love the process of capturing an image as much as the result, sometimes more. ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. Focusing and composing the image.

Simply put, cost, specs, IQ comprisions are distractions from what's really important to me as a photographer... enjoyment. Obviously this is not something that can be measured in a review, but I justed wanted to say if this camera or any camera will increase your passion and enjoyment for photography please don't let the technical and fiscal distractions deter you.

Typical leica-man bla-bla-bla. You forget said about Oskar Barnak.

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Leica M will be good if they will start using Sony's sensors.

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