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Marty4650: The keyword here is "magazine" and not "photography."

ALL magazines are in deep trouble today. Literally hundreds have disappeared and were replaced by websites.

And please notice the cover price. In 1937 it was 25 cents, today most special interest magazines cost $6.95 or more, which even after accounting for inflation is a lot more. And they are competing against websites that are essentially free.

Many of them haven't got the attention span and vocabulary to be able to read them. They think in terms of tweets using txt-speak instead of sentences and real words. Even major news sites are suffering from the corrosive effects of texting. Their articles are salted with sentences that - aren't.

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On article Adobe issues Lightroom 6.2 apology and update (230 comments in total)
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tlinn: There was a time, pre-rental scheme, when I thought of Adobe as a paragon of what corporations should be. Now they get as little of my money as I can manage—a version of LR every 18 months or so.

At this point they may never get money from me again. Talk about arrogance and biting the hand that feeds you!

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No support for Olympus E-M1 or EM-10.

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hiro_pro: i love the voting bars. it helps newbies know which answer is more respect by the pro's as apposed to better written.

The fact is, some people go way out of their way to be confrontational and I'm afraid they won't limit it to their posts but will also abuse the voting system to ding everyone they disagree with (which is most people). Newbies won't have a clue and will be mislead.

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jamesfrmphilly: be nice if DPREVIEW actually got back to doing camera reviews…..D800, 5D III, D600, D6.
to hell with the cosmetics do a review!

This I have to agree with. The camera reviews are great, but the lack of lens reviews really causes difficulty for those looking to switch systems or just upgrade.

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LensHood: I really really wonder why you sticked to the threated view of a discussion. It is my single most complaint about this wonderful resource. Just show everything in a flat view. Show ALL messages in a thread simultaneously. It is extremely inconvenient to have these multiple threats. And really, ever noticed that no other forum on the planet does this anymore?

Possibly because lots of us actually LIKE the threaded view. :) Just like having the choice (thank you, DPREVIEW) to retain the original color scheme.

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