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"Dad and Mom embrace in the bedroom of their home" is really poignant. What great work - thank you to DPReview for pointing out this NPR story.

As Thom Hogan pointed out today, we have an abundance of riches with respect to gear - let's focus more on the craft.

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This work is thought provoking and educational - I had not been aware of the Dakota 38. Linking this history to the present Dakota Access pipeline protests, both in terms of content and method, is powerful. Thank you for sharing.

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Another terrific post about the art of photography! (The other is the article about Mfon.) This reminds me of Ragnar Axelsson's photos and stories in "Last Days of the Arctic." Please, more content like this.

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On article Through the lens of black women photographers (203 comments in total)

Thank you for sharing with us these photographers and their photos. I would encourage more such articles about storytelling, and the art of photography.

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It's an interesting thought experiment ... but why not just get a Ricoh GR? It has an outstanding sensor-lens combination, is smaller and cheaper than the Fuji X100f, and has a very intuitive UI. Not surprisingly, it is superb as a street camera - and I've also found it to be great for landscapes and for monochrome conversions. (For what it's worth, I shot my top two photos on Flickr with respect to number of favorites with the Ricoh GR.) If you must have 35mm, the Ricoh GR has a crop mode, or you can just crop during post-processing.

Admittedly, the Ricoh GR is overdue for a significant update - but I think it remains the best serious, pocketable camera on the market.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Nikon D40 (176 comments in total)

My first DSLR was the D40x, and it's how I learned photography. The camera was a revelation when coupled with the 50mm f/1.8D - my first experience with subject isolation and bokeh. I do miss how small it was and how simple to use, and I really had no complaints about image quality for most routine situations, especially when coupled with good glass.

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