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PhotoUniverse: It suits the owners of the new Nikon D850

4K is 4K. Just because one is full frame doesn't mean it uses more storage.

"FF 4K" lol

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eric333: Why would anyone need more than 640K?

The important thing is that Gates is doing important things now. Unlike Jobs, who is fertilizing soil.

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viper699: Great another HD that can become a brick at any given time.

Then what are you doing on Digital Photography Review? You should be on FPReview.

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khunpapa: Free for google, but not for the customers who want to have their ad banner to the uploaded clip.

Very good idea, but only viable if Google accepts your clips without blurring out the ad.

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MikeFairbanks: I can actually make a better spherical image with my $300 GoPro and a 3D printed rig, all in about thirty seconds. The setup I use is fast, uses eight 12mp photos overlapped, and fits in my hand.

I modified a file I found on Thingiverse (open-source, shared file network owned by Makerbot) to go with my GoPro Session 5. The 360 spherical images come out great with lots of detail.

This device could be modified for any small camera. You just have to figure out how many divisions you need based on the field of view (in degrees).

That guy is a genius (who designed it).

And you can actually take these spherical photos as you drive?

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Kraaketaer: Yay, now we can all work for free for one of the most profitable corporations in the world, and help them become ever more rich! What a privilege! What a joy!

They must think we're all a bunch of idiots.

We all work for Google for free. The amount of data they collect from us has real value for them.

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Who wants to buy my GoPro gimbal?

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Mark Turney: I’m sorry but I am disgusted by the direction photography has taken. As an editor, I’m sure it’s fine. But “open closed eyes” and “find your beat photos”.

Argh 😤.


I agree with most of what you're saying, but it's an unstoppable economically driven force. If innovation rewards those who innovate, then there's no slowing it down. We do step backwards sometimes, but those are usually individual choices we make. Like when I choose to put my phone down and decide instead to listen to music via vinyl LP or take pics with my film camera.

Not long ago, average people were not capable of high quality photography. But even then, news media with full time staff photographers often published mediocre photos. Today's digital photographs contain far more information than film photos of the past. In many situations, high-end smartphones of today are capable of taking better pictures than 35mm film gear. And although people are pointing and shooting and taking an excess of tasteless photos, there are many gems taken as well. And some of these gems are crowdsourced by media outlets, along with the bad. But like I said, the bad has always existed.

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Mark Turney: I’m sorry but I am disgusted by the direction photography has taken. As an editor, I’m sure it’s fine. But “open closed eyes” and “find your beat photos”.

Argh 😤.

The danger here is that society will eventually be short on jobs. Robots will build robots. Computers will solve our problems (or create them) before we know they exist. Etc. Some will say humans will eventually need to get a "Basic Income" in order to survive. There is an interesting experiment going on in Oakland, California funded by a Silicon Valley venture capitalist to see how this might work in real life.

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Mark Turney: I’m sorry but I am disgusted by the direction photography has taken. As an editor, I’m sure it’s fine. But “open closed eyes” and “find your beat photos”.

Argh 😤.

Automation allows us to spend our time doing more important/productive/enjoyable things. This is especially important for certain mundane tasks that people don't like to do or don't have the patience for. Think dishwashers, data entry, driving, etc.

Some people really enjoy going through their photos, finding/ranking/weeding their collections, and retouching them. Others (most consumers) don't. Or maybe they like the idea of doing all that but never get around to it.

There is a market for this. People want to spend their time doing things they enjoy. Maybe they just want to be lazy, nothing wrong with that.

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Jefftan: I wold like to know if Elements 2018 can find out the sharpest shot from a bunch of continuous shooting pics

if yes, would buy immediately
anyone know?

Didn't Nikon have this feature in one of their dSLRs several years back?

Also, if the series of images have the same framing, fixed exposure and focus, and a static subject, you can just look at file sizes. The sharpest image (most detail) will have the largest file size. Just make sure you don't throw images with different apertures in the mix. Also, having high frequency objects on one side of the frame (like a pine tree) can skew the results, especially if you are hand-holding and your framing isn't perfectly fixed between shots.

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3DSimmon: When will micro sd storage be a requirement for dxo scoring? Surely that is more useful to a photographer/ videographer than fake bokeh

MicroSD storage doesn't affect image quality.

From a photography perspective, you can at least get unlimited cloud storage of original quality images with a Pixel.

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I shot with FF between 2005 and 2013 and when micro four thirds was good enough for 95% of my needs, I switched over. My back thanks me.

I still have plenty of FF gear and lenses and use it on rare occasions.

Link | Posted on Oct 3, 2017 at 21:36 UTC as 105th comment

I will go against the majority here and say that I don't think this is stupid at all. Many smartphone users shoot way too many photos and never get around to weeding out the keepers (aside from the ones that get posted on social media). There are lots of gems that get forgotten about because these people have more interesting things to do. This is a good task for automation.

Serious photographers who want to take the time to sort, edit, rank their photos can simply disable this feature.

Link | Posted on Oct 3, 2017 at 21:34 UTC as 5th comment

I used to reverse mount an old FD mount 50mm to my dSLRs. Works with an EOS to 52mm adapter (no wired adapter needed). In order to get the aperture ring to stop down, you have to engage the mount mechanism, which was easy to do with a rear FD lens cap with a hole cut out (works as a lens shade too!). This setup also works well with tubes.

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Greg OH: Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lenses go for $200-300 used...

Stick it on a 5Ds and crop. You'll still get 12MP+ at 2x equivalent magnification. Or on a APS-C body for 1.6x equivalent without cropping.

Link | Posted on Sep 15, 2017 at 19:41 UTC

"Grimm states that he knows the deputy who shot him and that he doesn't want him to lose his job"

Pretty sure that Ohio would be a safer place if the deputy lost his job.

Link | Posted on Sep 8, 2017 at 22:58 UTC as 18th comment

"If the photographer was armed like any good constitution-loving American, he could have defended himself against the police, which was the intent of the 2nd amendment."

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I will say that I've checked in lenses and computer monitors and a number of other fragile things in my checked bag on numerous occasions. Not ideal but sometimes that is the best option for a given situation. If fragile items are packed properly, and in such a way that security can easily repack it should they have to examine it, then these items should be able to survive any trip. Lenses wrapped up in clothing is not a good idea, as they may not be re-wrapped properly if security examines it. Better put these items in an adequately padded camera bag with dividers before packing in checked luggage.

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widgetbox: Makes you wonder what state the guys luggage is in.

If the guy packed his bag poorly (e.g. lens next to a hard object with inadequate padding), his luggage could very well be fine.

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