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Just a quick thought. I think Olympus is very smart with this camera. it is called the em-1x NOT em 1 mark3. so people shouldnt be viewing this as a successor to the em-1 mark2 but rather as a new branch of camera designed for a specific purpose . Perhaps it should have come out 6 months ago. if you need a smaller or cheaper m4/3 they are other options. I think eventually we will see updated sensors in all of the other Olympus cameras and i think this is where the fanbase really is and I hope they do this soon. I really think their survival depends on it.

Also I think they are trying to show us what the future will look like where advances in tech can maximize the use of an existing sensor ( regardless of the size ). look how smartphone have decimated the compact camera market. I think many years from now we will laugh at these sensor size and megapixel wars as the next tech race will be in software and processors in cameras.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1X review (2391 comments in total)

really. come on. this is a fantastic tool for those who have the vision and creativity to use it. its just a piece of equipment. in the the right hands it will be awesome. that applies for virtually any new camera coming out today. i think its actually priced quite right for what it offers. I think the R+D department have done a good job. I wish it were smaller ( hopefully some of the tech will filter down to smaller models ). I wish the low light sensitivity and dynamic range was better. I wish it could shoot in infrared. But I am most certainly going buy it. It absolutely will do exactly what I need it to do to get the pics I need and put a smile on face face when I print them and thats all that matters.

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Retzius: Burnside? These lens names get more ridiculous everyday.

not far from Hipster Park

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im not suprised about the results of this test, although real life photogrpahy can be difficult to compare to a studio. i recently printed out some picture 13x19 inch to show to my friends. they were from a nikon d750, omd em1 and a canon g1xmark2. all of the shots were able to provoke an emotional response from the viewers. no one, including some photographers, were really able to tell which camera had taken which picture. they were all guessing wrong! It just goes to show that all these modern cameras are really quite good and a well exposed, well composed and well printed picture will be able to produce good results in the hands of any photo enthusiast. Some pros will need certain equipment to get specific jobs done but otherwise really any camera should be able to do the job for most of us who dont make a living from photography and simply love to take pictures for art form itself

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a Leica cheaper than an olympus?? i must be in some parallel bizarre universe

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bluevellet: "While it's a bit early to draw final conclusions"

Maybe take that camera out of the list until you can draw final conclusions?

Will DPreview revisit the scores when they can actually test the performance of the olympus?

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The most worrying thing is that in 3-4 years they will redesign the ports anyway and you will now have a desk full of obsolete adaptors. What they should do, and I'm surprised no one has thotght of this, is to make some sort of Universal Stickyout Bit port that every device in the future ( but not the present ) will be able to connect to. Who knows you may even be able to ingeniously connect your iPhone to it. I guess one can only dream of this.

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Clearly the people at apple have lost their mind. esthetics is not on the top of my list when I'm buying a computer. I don't care if they are making space or making the laptop lighter - one of my camera bags weighs over 15kg, so I don't care about carrying a heavier laptop around.The machine itself performs ok but it should be so much better for the outrageous price they are asking. I would have never bought an apple if I could foresee what it has become although I should have realissed this after they dropped aperture that apple only now care about their cool factor and snobbish image and not thinking about their loyal creative fans.

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So.... they've replaced a thing sticking halfway out for a bigger dongle sticking even more out? it. Just say you want to make more money.

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i was interested in upgrading my olympus mark 1, but not anymore. The price of this camera felt like a punch in the gut. As good as this camera could be this is way outside the range of most consumers. Seriously there are a lot of other options out there for that kind of money. There are many other ways i can improve the quality of my images if i spend that kind of cash on other things like getting a better flash. I will not upgrade my camera. I have a new found appreciation the equipment i already have. I would rather olympus invest in improved picture quality rather than a high speed picture taking. i do not need 18 frames per second or whatever for shooting landscapes.

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I am so unhappy with how apple seems to be progressing that I am thinking of switching back to use Microsoft based machines, and this has grabbed my attention. I wonder if some one can invent a Microsoft bootcamp that can run macOS?

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I am so happy to have these updates, it encourages me to have more fun and take more pictures. I know some of the updates like focus stacking can be done with software post pic, but it makes the image taking process easier. I am encouraged that the company is thinking about consumer/customer happiness.

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Hi.i am going to South Africa. I am considering whether to buy a sigma 120-300 with a teleconverter or the new tameron 150-600 mm lens. I'm not a birder and I don't really like full on head shots of animals as I prefer them with a background. Any thoughts?

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