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compay: a typical american in freedom and democracy...and telling the world that a free society and democracy is all you be.....really human...

The problem is that while in some other countries people lack social freedom ( society over ego/individual) but they are not afraid of each other. In America there are social freedoms ( ego over society) but people because of constant ego development become extremely competitive to each other. For example, a wife becomes competitive to a husband and treats him as a business partner. She can easily sue him or get rid of him whenever she wants without any moral regrets. This is a consumption society.

This particular case is an example in my opinion of such consumption attitude toward treating each other. I mean how this case is treated in media. It's not just about a husband abusing his wife it's how to show off your personal rights. You can't trust anybody with such egoistic mentality. Your husband or wife, your friends can easily turn into your competitors.

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aliminator: These photos show how easy it is to get into a jail. Loosing temper for a minute ( sometimes for a justifiable reason) and you are in a jail.

Who is the victim here? I'm afraid it is the guy not the woman.

No, I'm not kidding. There is something hypocritical in these American shows. They don't show drama objectively and with compassion. There is something arrogant and mercenary in how they handle many moral issues.

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panos_m: I wonder. Can pictures like these stop domestic violence? I believe not. But then what is the point of these pictures? Please help me understand.

@Amadou Most of us (fortunately) don't have first-hand experience with domestic violence.

That is not true. Most of us did experience domestic violence. The difference is that the criminal would throw his fists in anger while more gentle person would yell and throw dishes on the floor.

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These photos show how easy it is to get into a jail. Loosing temper for a minute ( sometimes for a justifiable reason) and you are in a jail.

Who is the victim here? I'm afraid it is the guy not the woman.

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shady1991: They should name it A44. A5X cameras were excellently balanced between price and quality and now everything's messed up.
they shouldn't downgrade screen or video fps if they want to compete with d5200. I won't be surprised even if they decreased buffer size.
I think everything should be solid and good quality in A5X series like is in my a57.
now You buy a58 and you get world's greatest evf but you're distracted buy very cheap feeling of worst screen ever.

Sony should call the new camera а44? Oh really?

I don't think it is a good idea. So there will be 4, 6, 7 series? Or there will be 3, 6 and 7 series?

5, 6, 7 makes more sense.

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tkbslc: See, it only took the Chinese a week to figure out how to make money with the Kodak name in Digital. Kodak could have done this 3-4 years ago.

Why does American company introduce their camera in such a way? It looks like a Chinese company is presenting its product to Chinese market.

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pkincy: What is interesting is that there appears to be no buzz on any of the Sony fora about this camera.

I could not find a single thread discussing it.

It certainly appears to have the handling and the IQ as well as a certain "look" that will attract photographers. The price is very high for what you get but still a third of the M10 and much more modern.


Go to Sony Cyber-shot Talk

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Pik2004: Where's NX-200 review?

There is one reviewer who says that Samsung's NX200 sensor is one of the best among APS-C sensors and he prefers it to Sony's.

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On article Complete our survey for the chance to win an iPad 2 (117 comments in total)

They seem to be oriented on Americans because of a number of store chains they mentioned like Walmart etc. And they were interested whether and how you use some kind of a mobile device.

I wish I would win an iPad )))

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On article Just Posted: Sony NEX-7 pre-production samples gallery (105 comments in total)

Why do people think that 5N sensor is better than of Nex7? Why would Sony put an inferior sensor in the premium bodies - a77 and Nex7?

I think that the images look great even with the average 18-55 kit lens.

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