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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (615 comments in total)
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Herb: My Corvette Z06 makes me a better driver....this camera will make me be a better photographer......plain and simple....

The amateur worries about gear, the pro about money and the artist about light!!
No camera makes you a better photographer, some cameras might be able to hide your mistakes better than others (-:

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (615 comments in total)
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filmrescue: Do professionals really not want articulating screens? Looks solid like a rock though.

Hi Milt
Absolute nonsense! Nobody runs around with the screen "opened" In the days of old you payed premium to be able to look into your prism from the top and pro/ medium format still offer this.
I second Neils hope and I know i"m not alone!

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On article CP+ 2015 Sigma Interview - "small office, big factory" (194 comments in total)

First of all a big thank you for the interview and also a huge thank you to Yamaki-san!
He mentioned that most customers ask for either wide angle or wide angle zooms. This is surprising for me, as I know several people who where waiting for the announcement or release of a 85mm 1.4 ART or similar. Having used the 50mm on a crop sensor, the portrait abilities are nothing short of "Out of this world".
I think a portrait lens in the future line-up with the qualities of the 50, 35mm Art would blow Canon, Nikon and maybe even Zeiss out of the water!

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I got the 50 A and the 120-300 A, and they are the best in there class. And no doubt in my mind the 24 A is in the same unparalleled league. BUT as I will use it too little I'll give it a miss.
However you could ask Yamaki-san if he could make a 80-90 1.4 A pleeeeeease
AND put, as many before asked already, a little rubber seal at the end of the barrel, than I would buy that one instandly!

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Ripcurl also did nothing new, had guarantied ten times the budged and made a boring clip.
Einstein nearly failed math in grade seven and 30 years later he led the world into a new area.
Well done Marc Donahue, keep on doing it and silence your critics!

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On article First full-res Fujifilm X-Pro1 images appear on the web (212 comments in total)

Sadly i can't open the raw images, the link is removed.
To the pic quality. When I test a new lens and want to know how it performes I try to get a close shot, infinitive, small aparture big one, high contrast, low light etc. the subject does not matter! AC, vig. contrast. colour, white balance, detail, noice etc is what i'm looking for and that shows in any type of pic! So get over the motive and look at the detail of the pics.
What great pic (Martini bottle) is the sample pic dp uses??

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