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Imagefoundry: I've bought a Pentax-K adapter for my Xpro1 off ebay and spent an afternoon playing with my collection of Pentax glass. I can sum up the experience as follows:

1. manual focusing with X-Pro1, combined with manual aperture control, is plain painful. Until someone comes up with an adapter than can change aperture on Pentax-A lenses (fat chance, as this requires firmware support) I wouldn't touch this again.

2. The whole manual focusing approach needs to be re-thought. One, I would like to see a detail window at all times, not full-frame, and not just when I press a dial (which is awkward in itself); two - the focusing detail window needs to be stabilized.

Pentax is awesome for MF focusing, from the focus peaking on the K-01, to catch in focus on the K5. For the latter, I just hold the shutter down, focus the lens and it snaps off the shot and the sharpness is fantastic, even at wide open on some relatively shallow DOF lenses.

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On article Lexar promises XQD cards later in 2012 (38 comments in total)

We need XD cards to come back.

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