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a short EX1 review from HK Samsung Talk May 19, 2010
SAMSUNG TL350 / WB2000 or rather SONY HX5V Samsung Talk May 14, 2010
Canon releases IXUS 300HS premium compact with manual control and HD Canon PowerShot Talk May 12, 2010
canon IXUS 300HS samples Canon PowerShot Talk May 11, 2010
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HZ35/WB650 vs. HX5? Samsung Talk Apr 2, 2010
a new very detailed HZ35/WB650 review. Samsung Talk Mar 31, 2010
FH100 Why So Little Interest? Casio Talk Mar 30, 2010
FH100 reviews / samples Casio Talk Mar 29, 2010
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ND filter: why it should exist in compact DC? Fujifilm FinePix Talk Mar 19, 2010
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HX5 is 1080 much better than 720? Sony Cyber-shot Talk Mar 18, 2010
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Wb1000 (TL-320) vs Wb650 Samsung Talk Mar 18, 2010 quick evaluation and decision making Sony Cyber-shot Talk Mar 17, 2010
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