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vttiste: Clearly all camera manufacturer are so afraid of mobile phone market that none of them did a step to converge... A modern DSLR or mirrorless cam with software from mobile could most probably do wonders. Purist could keep cam settings to historical ones, and open minded ones could play with embedded software processing.
Open pro cams to software customisation, tuning, with a cam app store, for example...
CIPA taking android and making a pro cam version of it.
Or finally taking embedded distortion image fixing rather than post Adobe processing....
They are so short minded (Sony, canon, nikon) that they rely only on max aperture, faster sequence shot, and advanced video 8K resolution. Well almost nobody takes interest in this ! And this is visible on sales. Who in non pro world need a 0.x fast aperture lens? Who need nose and chin tracking? Seriously:D

Yeah, they're so afraid that even Sony Alpha team sabotaged Sony's own mobile division by inhibiting the camera technologies that the Mobile division could've used on their Xperia phones.

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BrexitDefCom3: In the 8 years since its launch as a D800 Nikon raised its D850 body price by £1000 for essentially the same thing, Sony, and Canon (to a lesser extent) did the same, and they did the same and worse with all their lenses, and now so that we repurchase stuff they push at us junkies : like "mirrorless" bodies, yawn.
Well nobody needs the latest tech: you cannot make better photographs and videos with it as the results you get are CONTENT-based, and result from the way you see with a machine in front of your eyes. I did not change my film cameras, I tried to see better and record better with them, and to save Earth from The Death of Metal, we need reliable kit whose life is as long as a film Leica M (100 years...), not 10, or 8 years thankyou.

They have to raise prices to keep their revenues from dwindling even further. Basically they are leaving the consumer/pro-sumer market.

And of course, consumers reacted accordingly. They upgrade even less and less often, with more and more are simply going to smartphones. Someone who never use other lenses than the kit lens and never go outside auto will be better served by smartphone cameras. Meanwhile the pro-sumers who are not making money with these toys are finding that their "older" gears can still do the job.

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This should be obvious.

For the common consumer, today's smartphones are good enough. It's one device they have to carry instead of two, and it doesn't cost them extra. The point-n-shoot is dead. All that is left are niche markets like action cam and drones, but in those markets, the players are not the traditional ones (GoPro, DJI, etc).

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There are plenty of alternatives for Photoshop out there, but can somebody suggest an alternative to Lightroom?

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People seems to misunderstood Vic's post.

An iPhone to a DSLR is akin to a car to a truck. Yes, photographers will still use DSLR. Nobody said a professional photographers must use an iPhone. But majority of lay users will find their smartphones to be just fine as a photo taking tool. Just because you can use a DSLR, doesn't mean your non-techie friends must do the same.

And Vic's point is actually about how Apple can push things quicker on their platform than Android, simply because Apple makes both the software and hardware. On Android, Google has to juggle their software innovation with the hardware by third parties, plus even if they pushed new APIs, majority of Android users won't see/get it. And if Samsung or the OEMs have an innovation, it will take time to sync back to Google. Just read about how the next version of Android will finally have official APIs for battery levels for bluetooth devices.
That's Vic's underlying point.

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Should we expect more items available on ebay?

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I have the mk 1, and then upgraded to the mk 3. The RX100 is arguably the best compact camera out there. The size is just perfect, especially for vacation/trip where you want to enjoy the trip and not dealing with lenses and big camera bags.

The biggest reason for me not to get the mk 5 would be the price. Sony knows they have a gem in this lineup, and priced it as such.

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Bought the mark 3 as an upgrade from RX100 1. Expensive, but one of the best compact camera I've ever used. Excellent photos and videos. Although I wish the newer models would shift the price downward instead of adding up, I kinda understand why Sony can do this. They simple got no competition. The others in the class are usually bigger, or missing features. I think one solid competition now is the Canon GX7 mark 2. Would've gotten the Canon if it was out when I bought the mark 3.

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I have the NEX-5R. It has a top dial, and also a 180 degrees flip screen.
There is no continuation of the NEX-5R in the current Sony's lineup. The a6000's screen doesn't flip 180 degrees. The a5000 series don't have the top dial.
It's as if Sony decides that either you are a casual user that wouldn't use anything past auto, or you are a "pro" and wouldn't need a screen that can do 180. Makes me sad. I just hope my NEX-5R can last me for a while.

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Jaythomasni: one good thing about this camera and output is its natural looks , in terms of color or saturation, brightness and contrast.. it is as if you stand there...and the camera disappears. but for most of people 'normal' or 'neutral' is boring...they like punchy ,saturated, warm, contrasty pics...

Unfortunately true.

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Meanwhile, there are plenty of fake accounts cluttering the platform with scams, phising links, actual raunchy pictures/videos, and also the numerous hate groups, and Facebook did exactly nothing even after people reporting those accounts/groups.

It's no wonder people are leaving the platform.

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On article Apple Photos gets smarter in iOS 10, macOS 'Sierra' (62 comments in total)

"instead of sending photos to the cloud for analysis, Apple will use on-device intelligence to analyze and categorize photos in order to protect user privacy."

This is good, but at the same time, how sophisticated can the software be relying only on the local machine's processing power? Cloud services like Google's have the power of their cloud servers to tap on.

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Make sense. There are so many action cams on the market now that are not only cheaper, but give users more features (image stabilization via gyro for example) and more accessories bundled in that allows users to get going out of the box without having to buy additional stuff. And their quality is good enough, especially after the disappointing GoPro Hero 4.

Pros will still pay $$$ for GoPro for the brand and reliability. That will be GoPro's remaining market. For the rest of the consumers, the variety of good enough and cheaper cams are more suitable.

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rondhamalam: lol... general shooting... you need special camera for that..
looks like run out of criteria

It's amazing how one can pretend to be on a higher moral ground, yet call others as "idiots," "elitists," and "racist."

@Papi61 I think you are a monster yourself created with your own delusion about Apple's customers. Your hatred is no better than the criteria you put on others.

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Ismanden: I am not a iPhone hater, I have had a few, but from a photography tool standpoint you have to win the Lotto to buy it if you plan on using it for long Video lengths or taking a lot of shots. With the 4k sort of hack you Have to have the 128 version.

So you are FORCED to pay for the 128 MB one, which costs a fortune compared to say a Note 4, which I have, that you can go down to Wal Mart and buy a Micro 128 MB card for 60 bucks.

I hate that Apple Sticks it to you by not having a way to add memory space without paying through the nose to get it. God like they really Need to make more money!!


Thank goodness for competition eh? You have your Note 4, so you are good. Why do you care if Apple "forced" other people to pay for 128GB one?

And seriously, an actual videographer would not have a one sole iPhone as his/her main 4K recording device. Plus, there's a thing call computer where you can offload the videos afterwards, instead of leaving them in the iPhone forever and ever.

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Jose Luiz Oliveira: Both Surface Pro 4 and Book still with no port for a SIM Card to allow the use of cellular data network.
That´s the best feature of any tablet!!! No need to use a bulky USB modem...
WAKE UP MS !!!!!!

If I buy a tablet, I always opted for the cellular version.

However, clearly Microsoft considered the Surface Pro to be a "laptop." In all of its marketing materials, it is always connected to its keyboard. How many laptops have built-in cellular radio? Pretty rare.

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Microsoft is literally going back to Tablet PCs, where "tablets" are basically laptop PCs with touch screen running Windows.
This will definitely find its niche, but majority of consumers probably won't utilise the main selling points of the device, and simply use it as a laptop.

In the end, I believe a regular ultrabook probably will be a better solution for most people. I can't wait for the next gen Core M laptops.

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