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Mark Ransom

Mark Ransom

Lives in United States Minneapolis area, MN, United States
Joined on Feb 13, 2003
About me:

Pentax was kind enough to let me win a K-7 camera as a door prize. I try not to let that color my opinion of them; I've been a Pentax supporter long before that, but I'm not a fanboy.

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  • Posers? Let's see your portfolio so we can judge what your standards are. By fast internal memory I assume you mean RAM. There's no way to know how much RAM is in a camera since it isn't specified, ...
  • I like it a lot! I knew that place looked familiar, but I didn't recognize the name right away. Here's a picture I took in 2003, a year and a half before I bought my first Pentax DSLR. Yours is ...
  • It's beautiful. What an eye to see the possibility in that scene.
  • It's not just cost, it's space. If you've bought 16GB of DRAM for your PC, how large was it? Everything in life is compromises. Add extra memory that won't be needed 99% of the time, and you've ...
  • Nice pictures! I didn't realize the DA-300 had close enough focus to be useful for butterflies. I gotta get me one of those!
  • Replied in STOP SHOUTING!
    I'm far more annoyed at the people complaining about the debate than the original debate itself. At least there was some useful information buried in it. If you really want to see a poor AF ...
  • Does anyone know how the size of the AF targets compares to those of other cameras? I've wondered if the ability to focus in near darkness comes at the expense of having a larger AF spot. You ...
  • Your link is dead, here's a better one: That is a very lovely shot indeed, especially for low light. I've always been impressed with ...
  • When the K-3II was introduced, some forum members determined that it was already doing some sensing of motion and trying to correct for it. I don't think anybody has tried to figure out the ...
  • Replied in Butterflies
    Thanks Tom. As in real estate, it's all about location, location, location. This weekend I was at a park where they planted a wildflower garden in their drainage area, and it attracted quite a few ...
  • Replied in Butterflies
    Thanks Dale!
  • Replied in Butterflies
    Thanks M R. I've seen your skipper, nothing I have even comes close.
  • Replied in Butterflies
    Thanks Haui!
  • Replied in Butterflies
    Thank you very much, Tom.
  • Replied in Add your own!
    It's still the middle of summer here in the northern hemisphere, surely others have something to share.
  • Absolutely stunning pictures! Thank you for sharing your summer with us. Good thing the running dog wasn't zig-zagging!
  • Created discussion thread Butterflies
    A couple of recent ones. Tiger Swallowtail Monarch The second one was taken with the K-01 and 55-300, a combination that I'm finding works really well. As long as you're not in a hurry to focus!
  • If playing with the AF points would affect the legendary low-light focus capability of the K-1, I say leave them alone. Mirror trickery seems like it might do that.
  • I think you're missing the point here. It's certainly their prerogative to not put the feature in the "pro" column if they think it's useless. But to put it in the "con" column when it doesn't ...
  • Video has never been a priority for Pentax. Instead they have concentrated on getting the utmost IQ out of the Sony sensors. It would be silly to trade an area where they have developed real ...
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