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alexpaynter: I am not sure what all the fuss is about here. People complaining about comparing different genres. Who cares if professionals don't use live view. How many readers here are professionals.

For me IQ is important but when I look at the comparison charts it looks to me like the much smaller sensor OMD is much better than this.

Personally I don't care is a camera is mirror less or SLR. I am only interested in quality, speed and compactness.

It is interesting that you dismiss the live view issue by saying that "many readers" are not professionals (btw. live view is not only of little interest just to professionals, but to most people who are serious about photography - professionals do not have the ownership of that) and then you go on talking about "IQ comparison charts". See, if photography is more important than technology then live view doesn't matter and comparison charts also don't matter.

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mungozan: Why would not ordinary people with little skill be allowed to do something creative? I think Instagram is great for sharing moods and bringing more interesting expression into the hands of everybody.

Those kind of effects were never that original, anyway. Almost everything has been done before. I dont think it is debasing anything, quite the opposite.

BTW: That Bevan photograph is genuine old photo, you can tell by the sucky straight-on flash, dust, film grain and general softness. These can of course be aqcuired with Post-prosessing, but they are non-desirable qualities whereas Instagram effects offer something else.

[EDIT] And the fact that it says so in the flickr page. I didn´t notice it until I had posted this message. But my point still remains valid.

I'm always entertained by the anti-elitists defending the "ordinary" people's right to be, well, clueless and unable to accomplish anything valuable. That is a worse derision of the so-called "ordinary" people then the (presumed) resentment of the ordinary among the elitists and snobs.

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On article Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? (291 comments in total)
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Aputra: Look at the bright side, it can't make photo like a 50mm f1.4 can.

Taking pics using instagram, post it and getting 10 likes for it doesn't make u a good photographer. Instagram doesn't turn someone into a professional photographer.

The funny thing is that some Instagrammers are serious photographers with decent technical ability. They use Leicas, Nikons and Canons with expensive glass to create their photos (technically very accomplished) that they then import into their smartphones and process in Instagram. I believe that they are doing this in order to gain additional audience for their work, it's a method of self-promotion.

Instagram is not so much a photographic tool as much as it is social media. Most active Instagrammers appear to be of the younger generation and they simply "hang out" on Instagram. There is no need to confuse that with the actual art of photography.

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JKP: The sharpness is really a pleasure to see. Grass, hair, fabrics... beautiful!
I wish someone would manufacture a $100 pocket camera with B&W sensor. It would be great toy to play with.

You can get some truly great cameras with B&W film in them for that money ;)

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