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nunatak: First barrier, to my mind, is it appears to be neither ergonomically friendly, nor pocketable. No indication of whether it's made of environmentally friendly materials, or will be another piece of toxic landfill in a few years. As a designer, it looks to me like a franken-cludge that was slapped together upon one evening's brainstorm, and after five bottles of saki.

The next barrier Nikon faces is the performance of their "improved" CX sensor. Is it just more lipstick on a pig, or can it deliver relatively rich, fat, data files that will replicate the wide range of tones, and crisp focused edges that the larger, more proven sensors do? To my mind that's a Herculean effort considering the price point Nikon has chosen to introduce this product.

IMO, these are just some of the earliest barriers Nikon has to cross to make this technology popular enough that they won't need to discount it by half (e.g. V1) before the next iteration comes to market.

I can't speak for the other Nikon 1 users, but it's perfect for my needs - taking pics of my young kids and beautiful wife :)
For years I went thru a series of PnS which just gave me years of disappointment - great for taking meaningless shots of buildings and flowers - but not where the heart is - my family!
Especially kids who move around at light speed! All I ever got were blurred faces or the frown after they've dropped a smile cos the autofocus on the PnS are soooo slow!
A DSLR is too big and complicated for my needs - and then the mirrorless and 4/3 came out and I was hooked! But unfortunately, all out of my price range - I got my J1 at a good price cos of all the haters out there! :) I knew about it's fast AF and that was priority #1 - good quality pics was a bonus - although I must admit, I still struggle to take good, unblurry pics of my kids inside the house in evening time - so that forces me to go out with them more and do stuff outside! Win for everyone!

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