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RPJG: Ages ago there were devices with a HDD, SD/CF connectors, and a screen, that let you back and view up the data on your cards, without needing a PC go-between. Does anyone still make such devices?

I've got one of those earlier epson units...one of the lower capacity versions. It's currently in some box or other that I've not opened in 2+ years. I guess that speaks to the usage. :) I'm just waiting for some of the tablets to increase storage capacity and lowering prices.

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vegwolff: I have an idea for a competition. No prizes though. How many of you can take a similar shot, using similar techniques? I'm sure the court system would love to be clogged up with similar lawsuites being filed. Everything just seems so similar these days. On a similar note, I'm surprised that Lieca hasn't filed a similar (copyright) law suite against Fuji, (M9 V's X-Pro 1.) A black camera, with interchangeable lens', a viewfinder, image sensor, shutter speed dial, aperture ring. Mind you, apart from the image sensor and interchangeable lens', that is a similar description of many similar film range-finder cameras from yesteryear. Anyone got any similar ideas? If so, then sorry, you can't publish them here, those ideas are now copyright on my behalf.

I predate your usage of "on my behalf" by 10 years so both of you can expect to see legal papers delivered to you!

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Does this judge not know how to search on the Internet for similar images? As RBFresno has pointed out there are other duplications...and I dare say that these may even predate the images in this case!

With the Tsunami of digital cameras and digital images over the past number of years this kind of situation is BOUND to happen again and again. If the 2nd photographer had taken the 1st one's image and then called it his own I can see the need for this case. In this instance I think it was a matter of this was the ONLY view available. Go a bit more to the left and you get run over, go to the right and you're in the water. Go across the street and it's unlikely you'd get this shot.

As a member of a particular camera club for many years I saw hundreds of images of the Paloose area in the state of Washington, US. Invariably they looked alike as there was really only one vantage point to do the photos...ergo, nearly identical images.

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On article Lytro announces Light Field Camera (269 comments in total)

Hmmm, interesting 'Toy' but worth the money?

Yes, you can refocus but with an aperture of f2 very shallow DOF so it's either 'This' or 'That' is in focus...not both together. And what they called focused to me look a bit too soft...but that's probably the lens quality.

Probably won't buy it but I won't say to others not too either. After all R&D for next version needs money to go ahead. :)

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JackM: Lipstick on a pig.

Hey, I can get a much similar effect for a whole lot less money...wood grained MacTac (sticky plastic shelving cover).

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RacingManiac: How does first amendment pertain to non-US person in US?

Yes, I'd be curious about that too. What are my rights, as a foreigner (albeit a neighbor from Canada), in terms of being stopped or arrested?

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