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Calvin Chann: And just to be different, Nikon put the teleconvertor switch on the wrong side so that you have to take your hand away from the shutter release to activate it.

What the *))&*& are you talking about? Canon got it WRONG! With the Canon 200-400 you have to take your left hand away from supporting the lens (if you're shooting freehand), or away from the zoom ring if you're using a tripod or monopod - to engage the TC.

But if you did a little more research, you would see that Nikon has already shown photographs of someone using their first finger on the shutter while AT THE SAME TIME using their second finger to engage the TC.

Are you a Canon troll?

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rubank: The tripod foot looks questionable, and doesn´t even have Arca-Swiss grooves.
How does Nikon think pro´s attach their lenses to a tripod?
Even lowly 3rd-party lenses have Arca-Swiss compatible feet nowadays.

I wouldn't use my 200-400 f4 VR II lens without my Jobu Designs Low Profile Lens Foot. I'd rather replace the Nikon lens foot with one that is lighter and closer to the lens that allows me to use a smaller and lighter gimbal head. Adding an arca plate to the bottom of the foot adds more weight - and raises the balance point of the lens - requiring a larger and heavier gimbal head.

With the low profile head I was able to use a smaller, MUCH lighter gimbal head.

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PerL: I dont think everybody realises that this is a true professional lens – not a hobby item (unless you are an extremely dedicated amateur or very well off). The former 200-400 was one the fundamental sports pro lenses, and now it is updated. You can talk about the price, weight or what ever – this is a lens for photo agencies or people that has a full-time business in photography. The price is by the way about the same as the Canon 200-400, likewise aimed at pros.

1Dx4me: 120g's doesn't make a big diff. at this lens wgt. The balance is more important. The Fluorite lens element should make the front of the lens lighter, making it easier to hand hold - but I long ago gave up trying to use my 200-400 f4 without a tripod and gimbal head. (Years ago - I took 18,000 photos in one day with my 200-400 f4 VR I - on a D3 - and for a WEEK afterwards - I couldn't lift one of my arms!) I bought a gimbal head that week and a tripod for the 1st time in my life.)

And the price difference between the Canon lens and Nikon lens isn't going to cause buyers to buy Canon over Nikon: 99% of users are wedded to one system: once you own several lenses, you generally stay with that system - but I think this new lens WILL cause some photographers to come over to Nikon - and away from Canon. Why?

Because the new Nikon lens has 3 advantages over Canon: 1) MUCH better placement of the TC switch, 2) lighter weight, and 3) 180mm vs 200mm makes a difference for me.

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RPJG: For items in this price range, why do companies continue with the idiocy of RRPs ending in $0.95? Do they think that anyone spending many thousands of dollars is going to be swayed by thinking the price is a dollar less than the real price?

Gonzalu is correct - our minds DO get fooled into thinking that $12,999.95 is in a real sense less expensive than $13,000.

But then you're probably one of those people who thinks YOU do not get fooled by advertising.

How's that Trump vote working out for you?

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chimbos_matt: Congratulations to the 4 people that will actually purchase this lens!!! Nikon should be focusing on the lenses that people do buy and there sharpness, they are falling further and further behind.

Nice summary of DXO scores by lens type.

So you're saying this lens isn't for you: fine. But I've already started the process of selling most of what I own so I can afford one of these.

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Rooru S: "As an added bonus, if you're using a camera with a 153-point AF system (D5, D500, D850) the outer row of AF points become cross-type sensors for improved coverage."

Please someone explain to me what happens here?

Hi Rooru.

A limitation of versions I and II of the Nikon 200-400 f4 lenses and the 500mm f4 and 600mm f4 lenses are that they are not able to use outer sensor points as cross sensors, but only can use these sensors as line sensors. This makes those lenses autofocus more poorly with the outer focus sensors because line sensors are less sensitive and/or accurate compared to cross sensors.

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snapa: So if you only have a 4k 60fps TV, is this cable/technology a complete waste of money?

BTW, anything higher than 4k is a complete waste, because the human eye can't see anything better than that on a TV or computer monitor, so what is the point?
There is a point when deminishing returns does come into affect, and we have hit that point with anything over and above 4k video.

I'm reading your comment on a 75 inch 4K TV. A few minutes ago I was going through my photos taken today with my D850.

I am very much looking forward to being able to see my photos on an 8K TV. The 8K TV would display the full resolution D850 photos very nicely.

But you go on and keep telling yourself that 8K is useless.

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K E Hoffman: Stopped buying them when I found a card that had BIG 900X all over it..later I found the write speeds were only 20MBs But not listed on the package ANYWHERE

I too have been appalled that Lexar has been VERY DISHONEST in their 'claims' about the speed of their cards - when they are talking about READ speeds - and the speed you want in your camera (the WRITE speed) - is atrociously slow!

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obeythebeagle: This should be a no snark zone, even when the content concerns canine candids. My dog takes me to dog park daily, and I credit the Sony A33 for making me the Ace Ventura of dog photography. Specifically the seven shots per second setting. Add the 500mm autofocus mirror lens and blast away. Out of seventy shots in ten seconds, one usually approaches William Wegman status. Do not approach dog photography like Ansel Adams--waiting for the one perfect shot. Max out your frames per second, and erase the rest.

Beagle - you are absolutely correct. The max frame rate your camera can shoot at IS YOUR FRIEND.

Very few people realize the HUGE advantage of taking zillions of shots to pick out the few truly great ones.

But I'm even more extreme than you. Whenever my dogs are doing anything interesting I shoot away at 9 fps and an average day for me is 5,000 photos. It's the sorting through them to find the best photos that is all the work.

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