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obeythebeagle: This should be a no snark zone, even when the content concerns canine candids. My dog takes me to dog park daily, and I credit the Sony A33 for making me the Ace Ventura of dog photography. Specifically the seven shots per second setting. Add the 500mm autofocus mirror lens and blast away. Out of seventy shots in ten seconds, one usually approaches William Wegman status. Do not approach dog photography like Ansel Adams--waiting for the one perfect shot. Max out your frames per second, and erase the rest.

Beagle - you are absolutely correct. The max frame rate your camera can shoot at IS YOUR FRIEND.

Very few people realize the HUGE advantage of taking zillions of shots to pick out the few truly great ones.

But I'm even more extreme than you. Whenever my dogs are doing anything interesting I shoot away at 9 fps and an average day for me is 5,000 photos. It's the sorting through them to find the best photos that is all the work.

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