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  • Thanks for a detailed reply. From your comments I gather that even with Q2M one has to resort to bracketing to come even close to some of the best results possible with a single shot film when ...
  • The broad tonal range in this photo has a very close resemblance with film photography. I just recently started truly appreciate the ability of film to capture 14-16 stops of light which, with ...
  • Every year there is a magpie nest in front of my house and on average 5 youngsters start jumping around in mid summer. They can be very loud in the morning, for which I used to hate them, so as ...
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    Great shot. I think both colour and B&W have their own appeal, depending on the mood sort of. A few weeks ago I tried long exposure shots while shooting the moon, but my location was just way too ...
  • I haven’t read all replies so might have been said already - but how many people did you see taking pictures with ILC cameras on vacation 15-20 years ago? Probably the same 3-5 people, at least ...
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    My attempts at the taking photos of the moon this month:
  • I too like to pair my J5 with a DSLR (D300 in my case) for photography trips and just outings. My favourite setup is J5 + 6..7-13 and 70-300 and D300 + Vivitar 105 2.5 Macro. The 70-300 is the ...
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    I kept "chasing the moon" over the last couple of days. Missed the largest one on Wednesday or Thursday, thought not a big deal, will shoot it next day, but to my big surprise and disappointment, ...
  • OMG, those reflections in the water are photographer’s dream. I am so jealous ;-) Did you happen to take any shots without the foreground?
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    Placed 29th in the challenge. RAW processed in NX Studio
  • For me, any cloning is pretty much impossible as I only use Nikon NX Studio, which does not include this feature. Plus, it is not really worth it. All my pictures are just little exercises where ...
  • And I mean both literally and metaphorically. A lot of people became famous just by chance of being there where their skills were in short supply and in high demand at the same time. Replicating ...
  • In my D300 user manual, Slow Sync mode is described like this: I think it controls the timing when the flash is fired, rather than the relationship between ambient light and the subject. Maybe try ...
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  • I think it might help to post some samples from your Z9 that are actually good, just to rule out some sensor or processor malfunction possibility. At full size, the two shots you posted look like ...
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    Taking advantage of the lack of clouds ;-) J5 + Vivitar Series 1 100-500. 500mm, f16, apps 50% crop
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