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The lens is probably good but the noise and colors of the camera are very unimpressive.

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Etienne R. Werner: Among the best I've seen. Bravo!
Not a criticism but I understand the amount of great images you had to chose from, though sometimes less is even more. :-)

dig521: And what amazes me even more is how people stick "awesome shots, thank you for sharing" even under the most boring snaps ever. I think a polite and honest exchange of thoughts and ideas is more appreciated among intelligent audience then "just saying something nice". So, sorry, I cannot agree with your point of view. And I hope Mike Oblinski takes my comment without such negativity.

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Etienne R. Werner: Among the best I've seen. Bravo!
Not a criticism but I understand the amount of great images you had to chose from, though sometimes less is even more. :-)

I agree. Awesome, unique footage, but felt a bit too long, some footage was even recycled I think. A shorter version of less than 5 min would be nice, for showing during class at school for example. I would also move the opening lightning scene to the middle, it spoiled the effect a bit for me. Finally, I was hoping to see a bit more (just a few seconds maybe) of how it looks when the storm actually hits the place (i.e. often the clip for a certain scene stops a bit earlier than I would hope). This is also not a criticism, just something that I would have done differently artistically. But everyone is different; still love the result.

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dialstatic: Cool. This might be the first contest I enter in. Does anyone know what the acceptable limits of post processing tend to be for contests like these? I just read all the rules but they pertained more to copyright etc - couldn't find anything on Lightroom corrections. I almost always use a lens correction profile, and straighten if necessary. I also frequently lift shadows a little (been practicing with ETTR) and I sometimes like the vibrancy slider too much ;-) Are such things typically considered off limits?

Just look at the winning photo from last year at the top. I would call it heavily post processed, almost HDR-like look, no shadows at all the despite such a strong and uneven light. So don't worry, fire away your PP craziness if you wish :-)

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Eugene232: IQ is looking good, almost iPhone 7 level ..

Love your humor!

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I think it would be relatively easy to make an app that can add light strikes of any color and shape to any photograph AFTER it was taken with just a use of a finger.

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On article Petzval 58mm real-world samples (58 comments in total)

These photos should come with a disclaimer - some viewers may experience nausea, dizziness, headache, or temporary vision distortion. ;)

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Mokutaru: In my opinion what made lots of old photos special back in their days is the fact that photography was not very common. And now that photography is very common its hard to find pure untouched digital photos that look good from the camera without photoshop alterations and then calling it "style".

What i find fancinating these days is when lighting is utilized for photography.

Untouched? Ansel's photographs are anything but untouched. Watch previous videos on DPR about his post-processing techniques. It's amazing what he can do in the dark room. This is where most of the work was done, not in the field really.

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Hope there will be a survivor mode to fight against aliens, monsters, and other creepers while they are trying to steal those masterpieces :)

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I am sure Leica main customers - aka brand collectors - are extatic from this news and already preordering. Another precious trophy for their shelves. And what a great conversation piece at the same time.

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In summary - good, but not good enough.

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Looks like Sigma did their marketing research and determined that their camera users are predominantly right-eye photographers with either exceptionally small hands or missing pinky finger on the right hand

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I use built-in flash very often on my D300, or on any other camera that I own for that matter, mostly as a fill light on a sunny day for quick snaps during family trips. So for me lack of flash is disappointing. Hope there are some comparatively compact options on the market that could be snapped on D500 to fill the void.

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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D5 (407 comments in total)

Now that amateurs like myself have much more choices for quality photography I am starting to appreciate the look of a true heavy-duty piece of equipment. It truly is not about the look, size, or weight but about getting the job done in all circumstances and under extreme conditions.

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On article Field Test: Brad Puet and the Fujifilm X-T10 (120 comments in total)

My pick for best video 2015. Thank you.

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On article Video: a look at the Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II (125 comments in total)

Hmm, that's a strange review. Not sure if it's intentional but it makes the camera look rather bad. After watching the whole video all I could remember is bad UI, bad responsiveness, bad battery, bad eye cover... I would not want to buy this camera based on this review. There is no analysis of image quality, autofocus, ergonomics, lens quality, competition, etc. And even if I missed any of this, it means it wasn't presented well. And on top of that, the accent and fast pronunciation make it difficult to understand for some of your audience. Just wanted to share my honest impression. Personally, I like camara reviewes of The Camera Store on YouTube and this one was lacking in comparison.

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How patents like this can even exist, I have no idea.

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On article Erez Marom: On the importance of naming images (107 comments in total)

Art is simply an expression of individual creative ideas, so as the title. A title "Find a Shark" underneath a wall art in a corporate office may sound confusing or out of place to me, but a title "Find a Shark, by Erez Marom" would add certain distinction and individuality to the author, and not in a bad way (regardless of whether I like or dislike the title). So yes, naming art is important as it reflects more on the author than on the art itself IMO.

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On article Opinion - Erez Marom: Whatever it Doesn't Take (188 comments in total)

I agree with the author's opinion that in order to make an extraordinary photograph at least one of the following conditions must be extraordinary: location, time, weather conditions, equipment, photograper.

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On photo Bearded Dragon in the Beautiful Beard challenge (1 comment in total)

I am really surprized this one didn't get a single five star considering many other less dramatic shots got plenty. This is my favorite for sure.

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