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in this order

600mm f8 Sigma Mirror
50mm f1.7 Chinon
K100D with the 18-55 kit lens
Vivitar Series 1 f 3.5 70-210
Pentax M f4 75-150
Pentax M f1.7 50mm
SMC Takumar f3.5 28mm
Super Takumar f3.5 35mm
SMC Takumar f1.4 50mm
SMC Takumar f3.5 135mm
Samsung Schneider D-Xenon 50-200
Tokina ATX Pro 28-70 f2.8
FA 43mm Limited
Ricoh XR Rikonen APO 300mm
Zenitar 16mm
Tamron 90mm Macro f2.8
Tamron 300mm F2.8
Pentax M 100mm macro bellows

Other than that:
Olympus E330 - used with K-mount lenses + LV
KM A200 - ISO 50 is great, and so is the lens
Fuji Finepix F700 - amazing little cam, fast, RAW and lovely DR

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