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  • Replied in Bravo!
    Thanks. I saw this image a couple years back when I had a rest during a night ride.  A street light made the shadow of my front wheel on the sidewalk. I filed it away as "a shot I want to do". Fina ...
  • bicycle noir ... :)
  • Created discussion thread Mavic. Reflex. Square.
    From one of my beloved bicycles  ( '94  DeRosa Nuovo Classico ) - I was younger then and I rode a lot- Not so much anymore. :)
  • And no purple fringing ... I did several conversions, here is one - Different routes, same destination And for now I am done with it ! :)
  • Replied in Oh, my !
    Thanks for the replies- the variety is quite entertaining. Thanks again ! :)
  • Created discussion thread Needs something
    I shot this a while ago. The cattails are gone, and so is the original. (Hard drive crashed, no back up.)  I know ... The shot could use sumthin up high- a  V-formation of geese, the Blue Angels, a ...
  • Replied in A square wheel
    Hi Andre- no, the purple fringing goes.  When I do finally print the image it will have been converted to black and white, with the fringing removed. I mostly wanted to show how very monochrome the ...
  • Created discussion thread A square wheel
    Mavic Reflex front wheel from my beloved DeRosa Nuovo Classico, ca. '94. This a color file, brushed silver wheel on a black surface. Off-camera flash fired manually (hence the lengthy exposure) in ...
  • Welcome back, and a nice shot.
  • Hi, andre- Thank you for the very kind comments. I hope to continue seeing (and shooting) things in my own way. So very pleased that someone likes ... :)
  • Created discussion thread The "one"
    Some fun while waiting for new camera news ... This an older image that I use only as an example- Pear Shoot something new -, don't just post an existing image. (Like I just did...) An object, an ...
  • Thanks, portrait and andre- I guess it will be about "artistic differences" then. I really like the top of plate highlight. Been with me my entire career- things I really liked, people said "Too ...
  • Created discussion thread A fork and a plate redux
    Golly, I like the word redux . A ways back I showed this- Fork, plate, etc. Since I dropped my ice cream cone  (and cut my finger badly in an unrelated incident)   I haven't felt much like ...
  • Thanks  detritus, corg, merops, and Tord- I saw it in color, the B&W worked better, but this is more what I thought I saw (?) A bit overcooked, perhaps Could be part of my upcoming  "I never met a ...
  • Created discussion thread Late afternoon in the desert
    Lived here 40+  years and I still won't shoot a "saguaro sunset". Just a saguaro, a horizon,  and a sky The desert is very nice near the end of the day, and this is only about a 30 minute walk from ...
  • No tears. But some very strong language- Gosh, darn, and heck. And some others... :)
  • Created discussion thread Years without a good camera
    I have yet to shoot with a "good" digital camera. Way back when- crappy Kodak another crappy Kodak camera image Woo hoo-  I got a Nikon ! Whoa-  a sharp image at last ! And there we go again OK, ...
  • Iron-will determination, complete dedication to the craft, and knowing there were several more containers (various flavors) in the freezer. :)
  • Thank you, kind sir. Several lifetimes ago I shot for, worked at, managed, or represented  studios doing a lot of product photography.  We made it look good. But I always wanted it to look bad ...
  • Created discussion thread I scream, you scream, ...
    we all scream for ice cream. Especially when the cone hits the sidewalk ... Mmm- vanilla with chunks of dark chocolate, twigs, and bits of whatever ... I ate the whole darn container and  probably ...
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