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  • Here too. I was once banned d by a mod here for very bogus reason. The decision was overturned  by DPR. Thankfully. I don't mind moderators but I wish DPR restricts their power to their own forum. ...
  • Replied in K-1: for whom?
    That's very decent resolution as 12 MP was standard for many years (D300, Kx, D700, etc). Which means 24 MP FF work perfectly fine in APSC mode. Your previous post was misleading as you were ...
  • DPR admins are free to pick whatever mods, but a little reminder, both of these guys were involved in calling DPR reviewers incompetent for their conclusion regarding K1 AF. " even a rebel could ...
  • Replied in K-1: for whom?
    You do get APSC crop from 24 MP D750 or A7 too. It's around 11 MP APS C crop, which isn't really bad, as remember Kx, one of the most popular Pentax camera, was 12 MP. It's pretty decent APSC crop.
  • Replied in K-1: for whom?
    You have zero power to grant anyone any life on this forum. Sorry. Try harder.
  • Replied in K-1: for whom?
    You still think that guy is my "other account"? First he worked for rival brands, and now he is my sock puppet? Your detective skills are lacking, Sherlock.
  • I am not sensitive at all. I am online for entertainment. I have thick skin, too. In fact, I love it.  Sensitive? Ha!
  • If you believe posters who are posting on this Pentax forums are being paid by rival companies, then that says a lot about how your conspiracy brain works. What kind of idiots will waste money ...
  • Replied in K-1: for whom?
    They aren't "irrelevant" cameras. They are full-frame cameras, so for some reason newcomer/phone upgrader are bent on buying a FF camera for whatever reason (they are likely to buy $500 APSC ...
  • Replied in K-1: for whom?
    See my last post above. That doesn't change the general statement that OP is actualy correct.
  • Replied in K-1: for whom?
    What part is wrong? The OP said the camera s will be niche. Isn't that correct? It is. Even you agree. He said most professional won't buy it. That part is correct too (note that doesn't mean no ...
  • Replied in K-1: for whom?
    Yes, you got it exactly right.
  • Replied in K-1: for whom?
    A7R is 36 MP so there were more than one mistake in your post. All this discussion irrelevant anyway, as the original poster is actually correct. It's mostly Pentax users who have been using Pentax ...
  • Replied in Phase One XF
    Notice Phase One XF has 100 MP CMOS sensor made by Sony. That sensor is bigger than the 50 MP used by Pentax/Fuji Dxomark did not post Phase One XF scores either, as they stopped adding MF cameras ...
  • IdM photography, yes there is a reason why A99 has mirror, and the reason is that old DSLR lenses are not optimized for CDAF. The new mirrorless lenses perform fine on their native mount as these...

  • What dishonesty? This is Pentax forum and so I picked K3II. Now you are telling us that K3II is bad and it's dishonest to use it? I am sure Pentax fans will love you for calling K3 a bad ISO ...
  • Mirrorless cameras focus far more accurately if you don't care about continuous AF, as they focus via main sensor which means they don't suffer from back and front focus issues like DSLRs

  • Well, if your conclusion that FF performs worse than APSC, how does that prove the difference between 645Z vs FF is is bigger than the difference between FF vs APSC? It doesn't. If your conclusion ...
  • Replied in Bluetooth GPS
    Cellphone rely of wifi and cell signal to speedup the process (GPS calculations/detection sometime can take a long time at startup), but cell phones also have dedicated GPS chip which is just as ...
  • Regardless of what monitor you use or whether you normalize the images to 8MP, one thing is pretty clear that the difference between APSC and FF is larger than the difference between 645Z and FF. ...
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