Tristan Jones

Lives in United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
Works as a Photographer, Artist and ex IT professional.
Has a website at
Joined on Mar 21, 2013
About me:

I worked in corporate IT and web design, some print experience and studied printmaking and film/platemaking in the 90's together with DTP.

I've been using Photoshop, Corel, PSP, Xara, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Pagemaker and many other graphics/layout/design/web packages for over 20 years.

I always build my own PC's (for work and gaming), very savvy when it comes to software and hardware.

My goal is simple, continually improve my photography skills whilst combining my software knowledge, to create stitched landscape, cityscape and skyline Panorama images, as well as expanding my general photography skills in urban, macro, street, nature, long exposure, HDR and artistic photography.

I'm an advanced enthusiast aspiring to generate income from my printed work. When I go to print, I use Whitewall, I love Kodak Metallic for my urban work, and thier under-acrylic and Dibond/aluminium mountings are always flawless.

I work from RAW because I usually need to squeeze every drop of DR out of my camera.
I rarely bracket exposures for panoramas/long exposures, night photography, opting for optimal highlight preservation instead, low ISO and shadow recovery in post whenever possible.
I then double process my night and long exposure work, to get the best from the RAW file.

I don't use presets and filters software, I don't like this trend of press a few buttons to get a "preset look". That sort of imagery is fine for mobile snappers but not for anyone who values their hard work. I don't mean you can't make your own presets and use them across your own work or a series of images, that is still your own effort and time and individuality applied.

I don't fake work. I don't add fake skies, reflections, moons, suns etc...
I do use photoshop to fix problems, fix stitching errors, remove distractions, clean up abberations (dust) etc..

With panorama images, sometimes I "make" the image, which is a composite of many frames, and selectively use a choice of frames to include something of interest, like a boat, person, motion, light, but these are real and we're there at the time I took the images. Conversely, I also do the exact opposite and can use a panorama stitching process to remove people, a boat, traffic, birds, a plane etc. from an image by taking multiple frames to do so. In this regard, a panorama is a composite anyway so I have no problem using this creative freedom.


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