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To keep my Wife away from my Cameras.
To keep my Granddaughter close to my Cameras.


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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2496 comments in total)

I think I'll stick with my X100T with wide and tele converters. Not enough to push me and why no onboard ND filter?

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A number of concerns here:-
1. The price ~ you are kidding right!
2. This is an intro price which will go up at the first update.
All to capture (pun intended) you now but what about those who don't own a Canon, are they meant to pay the money now for something they can not use with the possibility they will NEVER EVER be able to use it???
3. No contact on their web site. So how do you ask them questions?

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HopeSpringsEternal: I don't really understand who this software is targeted at. With a 1600x1200 resolution limit, clearly it can't be used for editing one's DSLR images as DSLR cameras today generate images much larger than that.

Can someone help me out here. Is this software for editing images that one takes using the Android device's built-in camera? Even if so, don't the built-in cameras now come in 3 to 8 megapixels which is again larger than the maximum resolution limit of this application?

In the video the speaker tells us we can transfer the work to our Desktop.
What I am thinking is although on the Tablet the work is saved at a reduced resolution, however when transferred to Desktop you then have the full resolution.
If this is the case then I can see the App being of great use.
You do the immediate stuff whilst mobile then transfer to the Desktop later for detail work.

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