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On article 41-megapixel Nokia EOS smartphone looking likely (11 comments in total)
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schaki: Sounds great. That we finally get a 'PV 808' with WP8.
I've lost count of how mani times I for myself have cursed the headless decision of Nokia to stick with that old, outdated Symbian OS POS for a model like the 808 which had so held so much potential.

WP8? Ahahahahaha :P

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On article WSJ: Complex iPhone 5 design behind shortage (1 comment in total)

Well....maybe they should take some lessons from iFixit :P

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On article King Camera v2.5 - iOS App Review (33 comments in total)

Free version has NOT full resolution! In App purchase (0,79) for full funktions.

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On article Article: Android and iOS App Tools For Photographers (13 comments in total)

Yuo can really forget most Android Apps. Unstable and for sure not easy to use. Some of them are just a copy of iOS Apps, not quite well done. Others don´t support multitouch, while this is standard in iOS Apps.
And not to forget the high risk of Android permissions...
Just a very few are really useful and also user friendly.
Just my opinion.

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On article Samsung and Google unveil Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 (132 comments in total)
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GeorgeZ: Wow, since when does dpr report on cell phones?
Especially the new super-high-end GN is a little disappointment camera-wise: only 5MP and no camera button. I know, 12MP isn't necessary (even if Nokia showed with the N8 it can be done well) but 5 is not a lot today. And the Galaxs S II has a very good 8MP sensor. And no real flash either....
So photography-wise I'm not so thrilled, all the rest is tops, but should not be relevant on this page.

Camera on Galaxy S2 is buggy with the red/magenta spot in middle of each image with white scene. And not to forget the heat issue around the camera on could scream...
And by far not so impressive as stated.

Link | Posted on Oct 20, 2011 at 10:06 UTC
On article Samsung and Google unveil Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 (132 comments in total)
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Dannyboy292: People that use phones as cameras are funny, the photos are almost always pixelated, blurry,noisy ,unprocessable, uncropable your self a favor and at least use a good little point and shoot, at least you can crop and mabey even print a photo to hang up on you wall.

@Dannyboy...u sure that what u use is an iPhone? and not a cheap Chinese copy?
Seriously, get a life...or better...get a REAL iPhone ;P

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On article Samsung and Google unveil Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 (132 comments in total)

Will it Blend?

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larrytusaz: I am with elleyyh totally 100%. What in the WORLD is going on with all of this worship of Apple lately? How come none of the Android smartphones are mentioned, ever? What next, are they going to rename this site "" And the pros drooling over this things are mindless idiots with zero credibility.

You want pictures form GOOGLE ANDROID SmartPhones?
Well....i can show you some from my Galaxy S2, very nice red spot in middle of most shoots. I can show you also some 3D images from my Optimus 3D, very nice 5MP images, as i said, just in 3D. Because for sure you would not really want to look at the 2D. And many camera apps for android...hmm...20 oder maybe 30? Huh, nice not need to decide between over 2 or 300 apps for iPhone. But wait, not all Android camera apps work on all Android SmartPhones...because they are really smart and know with one u need or not. Any questions?

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Matt Mercier: After my initial disappointment at not seeing an iPhone 5, I realized that this is an upgraded squarely at strengthening the iPhones place as (as far as I know) the best image capturing phone. I have an iPhone 3GS which takes 8 seconds to get picture ready.. which can really limit its effectiveness. Fast processing, decent image quality, and finally a solid shutter button (apple now builds in using volume as the shutter) address people like us. As the #1 camera on Flickr, it is valid to discuss. I'm happy to see this kind of post on dpreview, in fact perhaps a few more camera phone reviews over printers... do people still buy those?

Really? Is this all u understand about photography? Or more about bashing?

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Marshal: I just bought the new Samsung Galaxy S II, which I'm going to keep, but I will give lots of credit where it's due and say that the iPhone 4S has great specs, both on the photo & video end and even more so, Siri, the virtual assistant who can do Voice to Text messaging and also does searches for you. That is really cool to me.

If I didn't already have a new phone, I'd consider holding out just another few weeks for the iP4S.

Could you check if your unit has also the red spot issue? about the heat problem around camera on the back when using heavy working apps? From 3 units tested by myself, all showed the above written.

Link | Posted on Oct 5, 2011 at 08:03 UTC
On article Article: How the iPhone changed my photography (105 comments in total)

Galaxy 2S...very nice piece of hardware...with very big issues: red dot (spot) on mostly white images (center), heat issues that could fridge your fingers. From 3 tested devices (All-European, German-Market and East Market) each had issues. The German one had the heat, red dot AND the camera moving issue (camera crashes against glass when activated). Samsung does not respond in any way to most users and problems described. Nokia improved over time the N8 camera. So for sure, the iPhone4 is simply cult for most photographers and the way they use it.

Link | Posted on Oct 3, 2011 at 19:55 UTC as 28th comment
On article Article: How the iPhone changed my photography (105 comments in total)

Fact is, the iPhone camera DOES WORK. All other Phones have issues, some more some less. I tested (as it is my business) many so called SmartPhones, but none came close to the usability of an iPhone4, especially with the abundance of apps and i mean really good apps. Android lacks it, Symbian lacks it. While the N8 hast for sure a way better hardware camera than the iPhone, it´s the usability of it, the speed of Symbian and for sure the way it let´s say it works..sometimes and sometimes not. Android is on it´s way to get more and more good apps...just let them work on ALL Andreoid phones out there ;)

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