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Nathebeach: I am fascinated by the criticisms of those who have not even seen let alone used the camera. I am going to stand up for Pentax for trying something new (again).

Why buy this camera? I see a few prime reasons.

B. Great telephoto ability without lugging heavy eq.

Those seem to me to the big ones. Can actual users comment on ones I may have overlooked? While I am NOT an actual user, I have lots of experience with FF and the M43 system so I can relate somewhat to the differences offered by this system, and I must say that I am intrigued.

A friend of mine bought an original Q one month ago. Despite the fact that I and my girlfriend use a K-r on a daily basis, we were just like "Wow ! Look at this ! The pictures are amazing for its size !!!" and just went on playing with functions and having fun for the WHOLE night. We just had so much more fun than we ever had taking pictures with more professional range devices - including Canons, Nikons, etc.

So, no, it's not useless, it's just that you're too much into the professional side of things to feel the overwhelming fun to be found in this great camera, which, indeed, won't take pictures which quality will overcome that of you mid-range DSLR, but if you still have got interest in just having a good time, this is definitely worth the money.

And as a side note, not everybody needs a DSLR, just like I don't need a full frame.

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RStyga: Stability improvements.. bug fixes. Apparently the contrast adjustment is secondary, although some users might find it important if shooting in strong daylight.

@LetsDoTheStapler :
How can you be so blind ? Apple products have been lacking features for years (since Intel-based Mac and iPhone as far as I could say).
Also as one of their former customers from back in the days of "classic" Mac OS (started with 7.5), until Mac OS X 10.4, I can tell you today's Apple Inc. doesn't give a damn about their customers.
Instead, they make you pay for each system upgrade, each piece of software, for each online service, only change is required configuration and system closure. People've been wanting serious MacPro workstation for years with usable and innovating OS, instead they've been dropping PPC support, up until recent abandon of desktop plateform in favor of ARM nonesense.

Also if Pentax's release notes are what your desire for an Apple DSLR originates in, let me link last Apple OS X 10.8.2 update : which says : "general operating system fixes". Come on.

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Matthew Miller: "Caution: Only K-5II/K-5IIs users are permitted to download the firmware update."

So, watch out, all you Nikon and Canon users. The download police will come after you.

Yeah looks like inaccurate translation from japanese, nothing that laughable, though.

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MonkRX: I hate it when dpreview uses the phrase "the same sensor". Its been thrown around in reviews like the when comparing the K-5/K-x/K-r to the Nikon series.

If dpreview tosses around that phrase again, they should really back it up. Like, "The K5 II uses the same Sony IMX139LQJ Exmor CMOS (this is actually the model number for a smaller sensor) as the K5. Pentax reps say they've chosen a higher bin.." etc. Even something as simple as "Pentax confirms this is the same sensor". Or if dpreview has no idea, something simplier like "same resolution sensor as the K5". At least you leave the readers thinking "hey, it could perform better if they kept the resolution the same".

Otherwise, dpreview is potentially hurting the K5 II's press release. Many people attribute "same sensor" with "same performance". It could be very likely that this is a slightly better sensor. Combine that with the new processing, it could be half a stop or better in noise performance.

Anyway, just pointing that out.

See the troll in its natural environment : he's got two people that like what he says. We're surrounded. It's too late.

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inevitable crafts studio: guys calm down, its a pentax, who cares what they bring out ^^

Wait... me ?

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kff: It would be a next great camera,
but what a pity!

It doesn't have:
- vari-angle display
- wi-fi remote controll / viewfinder
- built GPS
- radio 2.4GHz TTL flash system
- stereo mic
- HDMI / ethernet
- special macro focus bracketing for sharp detail of object compound from a several images in the low depth of field photography (in the manual focus mode on the tripod) ... :)

Well, it is a camera after all. I'm a potential buyer and I don't care these things at all, so I think it's a success, don't you ?

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Juraj Lacko: May be packed up with features but still doesnt look right. Pentax designers going obvioustly their own way :D

Let me apologize first, but I think this is your comment which is really weird. I mean that's a matter of taste, not looking like the whole canon (pun not intended). If you think it doesn't look right, well that's your opinion, but it's not a useful basis for debating.

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HowaboutRAW: DNG raws only, I guess Ricoh made Pentax give up on the PEF raw format.

Not sure that's a good idea, DNGs ain't really all the same anyhow.

Of course the CS thing is true but I don't think that's the real issue here.

DNGs are conform to open specifications, which means that in 10 years you will always be able to open them with any serious imaging software, including open source. This is arguably the safest option for any photographer who cares, and in my humble opinion, it is a really valuable advantage in favor of Pentax.

DNG is my format of choice right now, as a Linux user, and the format is recognized very easily by every piece of software I use (which is not the case with PEF), including Shotwell, Darktable and dcraw, so I don't exactly see what you mean by saying DNGs are "not general". It's open specification format, much in the vein of ODF in word processors.

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