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happypoppeye: The photogrpaher should be ashamed of herself for not trying to help.

I agree. Whether or not she had the courage to intervene, she had no business exploiting this tragedy, this crime, for her benefit. Note, that she didn't call the cops. someone else did. She just clicked away. Shame on her.

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On article Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue (239 comments in total)

This is disappointing from two aspects. The first is that a newly designed (and expensive) camera would have this problem. I have a Canon 5d (an original) which has never been cleaned and which has no dust removal function and it has less dust than the DPR D600 photo shows. I expect that I change lens at about a typical photographe'rs rate.The other is how poorly Nikon has responded. Surely they could have been more responsive and responsible toward their customers.

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On article Fashion Shoot: Tips from a Pro (82 comments in total)

Great article!. M. Evening has written "Adobe Photoshop CS (6, 5 and probably others as well) for Photographers"which I find to be among the most in-depth of the PS guide books.

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I'm delighted to see that Sony is offering a new full frame camera. I've had a long term relationship with Sony/Minolta. (My current Sony is an alpha 700..used..a good performer, though not up to my 5d). My 2nd 35mm SLR was a TTL Minolta (whose model number I've forgotten). My first was a Canon AE-1, also a TTL. I carried those things forever. I'm intrigued by the EVF and can't wait to hear how it performs. And the flip down LCD in a full frame is great. I bought a used 60d just for that feature. (I own Sony/Minolta and Canon lenses). Can't beat it for shooting over crowds. All three of my cameras fill a niche, and , if the reviews look good, and the price drops somewhat, I think I'll be replacing the 700.

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On article Exhibition Review: 8x10 By Impossible (85 comments in total)

Nice work. Wish I lived near NYC.

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This is certainly a great deal of bandwidth devoted to very little. It seems to me that this fellow from the NPPA has no where near enough to do. Perhaps someone in the NPPA can find him something

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On article Automating Photoshop (33 comments in total)

Super article..thank so much!!!!!

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On article The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching (168 comments in total)

Absoultely superb article!

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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (375 comments in total)

Here's what I think. Adobe isn't going to change their new upgrade policy until they see if it is making them more money than their current policy. If it does, it will stay, if it dosen't, well, we'll get an announcement about how Adobe listens to its customers and it'll be back to the old way. Forum comments, as much as they might relieve stress, are unlikely to have much effect. And as for Kelby's "open letter"..baloney! Kelby's business depends on Adobe and he'll do nothing to tick them off. If he really wanted to make a point, he could have told them not to change. What he did was just get a little free publicity in places like dpreview.com. I know that's cynical, but I'll bet a free up-grade, it's accurate!

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If it pans out, it's a really great feature. Too bad that Adobe had to resort to trickery in its presentation. What rankles the most however is the presentor's comments about a "slow" computer. Really, guys, come on!

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I think I'll wait for some specs before giving an opinion. But I really hope that RAW format is included

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