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    I've seen this bit contested by some but haven't tested it for myself. If you do your heavy lifting of tones and colours in raw then I see no problem with doing the finishing touches in the 8-bit ...
  • OK, so this one does indeed go in the direction of beauty -- you applied contouring (macro D/B) maybe a little much? The nose highlight might be a bit hot and the left cheek shadow changes the ...
  • Well, it does, but like the Frequency Separation technique, it is a time-saver if you need it. Hardcore retouchers (say they) use Dodging/Burning only (and hard-edged clone stamp) , but that does ...
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    The Surface Blur can be great but if you work in the 16-bit mode it can be sluggish when rendering the preview. The Median filter works well.
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    Gaussian can be problematic around the face edges (if the background contrasts a lot with the face) and around the lip area (if the subject is wearing bright lipstick).
  • Here's my version: I took the above image and ran it through Portrait Pro 15 with my own basic preset. The only thing I had to do manually was correcting some automatic skin-detection mask around ...
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    Which blurring method do you use to create the Low Frequency layer? Gaussian, Surface or Median?
  • With the Adobe RGB profile, right? Does the latest version of DxO allow you to apply a post-resize sharpening routine? When I tested this with v.9 there was none, and also there were artefacting ...
  • Some raw converters allow you to see both, e.g. RawTherapee . In darktable you can view the "raw overexposure warning", which is also useful. Of course you can use Iliah's FastRawViewer or ...
  • Yes, RT uses the floating point engine . Darktable is another converter that does this as well. PhotoFlow , too. Affinity Photo allows you to maintain the floating point calculations even after the ...
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    Look at darktable .
  • PhaseOne maintain that they have to have the camera in house for the profiling to take place, shooting their own profiling targets.
  • For free, localized raw development/editing you could try darktable . Other than that, there is a host of commercial raw converters that you could use in tandem with (or instead of) PSE: LR, C1, ...
  • Try the free DisplayCal software.
  • But you can open an image in PSE in the 16-bit mode and then invoke something like Nik Viveza or ColorFX (or NR, or localized sharpening) and perform localized edits on that layer, using the Nik ...
  • An example that I've noticed: the Adobe CMS (ACE) renders the contrast differently than LittleCMS in the deepest shadows but it's fairly subtle. Well, the Windows Photo Viewer is colour-managed (re ...
  • Cool -- finally a layer-driven raw converter that supports blending modes and the blend if functionality, masking, etc. Well, there's LightZone but dt is more powerful and comprehensive.
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    Neither an lcp lens profile nor a dcp camera profile corrects for a lens colour cast that is not uniform across the frame (e.g. chroma vignetting). In order to correct for that you need to perform ...
  • Adobe DNG Profile Editor, Lumariver/Dcamprof, dcptool, etc.
  • Thanks for sharing both the profiles and the workflow -- it looks quite involved so kudos to you for sharing. I don't use the camera so I can't give you any feedback with files of my own, but ...
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