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work less, take more photos (not likely to happen though), play more accordion (not likely to happen either)


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On photo New York Cow Parade in the Never Again challenge (2 comments in total)
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TheManWhoWas: Wow, I thought this was a serious contender to win, but seems a lot of people ignore the challenge subject when they vote.

Thanks for the encouraging comment. I too thought that the challenge would be about something really important, big and meaningful that can never be seen again. My photo may not be technically the best (it's from 2000 and cameras have improved a lot since then) but I thought this was a nice subtle way to refer to 9/11 without actually showing all of the two buildings.
For me it still is the most meaningful example of "never again" from my lifetime. Entering this was not an attempt to win, but to remember the event. I was expecting someone else to enter with a spectacular landscape photo showing off the twins.

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On photo Ponte "Diavolo" in the Stone Bridge challenge (2 comments in total)
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cgilbert: It's lovely

The official name of the bridge is "Ponte della Maddalena", but the common name is "Ponte Diavolo". It is actually much closerto Bagni di Lucca than Lucca itself.

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This is generally a bad idea! Be very careful with the choice of fish tank!
A fish tank is designed to keep water in, not out. It can withstand the pressure of the water in the tank that is trying to pull the fish tank apart. It is not designed to withstand the pressure of water pushing on the glass towards the inside.
I remember in the old days you were not even supposed to empty a fish tank completely (to clean it) because the loss of pressure could already spring a leak. So you have to be very careful to check whether your fish tank can withstand pressure from the outside. Not all fish tanks will survive being dipped in a lake.

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Thank you (dpreview) for the effort you put into this. I realize from other forums that spam can be a serious problem. Some sites have resorted to captchas and such to at least avoid bots from spamming forums, and this makes life harder for all the normal real human users interested in the actual topic. DPreview makes it easy to comment and to use the forums. Yes there are trolls but at least there are very few spammers that get through.

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And no mention of the Agfa 1680, a nice camera at the time (1999) with swivel design that we see in that Casio and that later made the Nikon Coolpix 950 iconic. Despite being named 1680 the Agfa 1680 had a 1.3MP sensor (but could save upscaled images).
A friend of mine introduced me to the Agfa 1680, of which he was using a preproduction unit. This was not only my first digital camera (with serial connection to the computer) but also my first experience with camera theft. (The camera was stolen when our house was broken into. The burglars left my Olympus film slr alone. They must have known the future was digital.)

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rrr_hhh: "Camera Raw 7.2 also adds the option to change the 'as-shot' image crop, if the camera has recorded the whole sensor's data."

This is really a welcome addition ! And a long overdue one. Proprietary software like Olympus Viewer and other software like C One were offering that since a long time and I was really missing it in LR.

Posted in the m43 forum already... I cannot find this option in ACR 7.2 RC for E-M5 raw files which do contain the whole sensor's data.
There seems to be an issue that it may only be for "newly supported cameras", meaning no Olympus camera (and no Panasonic as they crop raw data unlike Olympus).

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