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Marty4650: Well, considering that there are an awful lot of women photographers, this product sounds like a very good idea. My wife would love one of these.

Those men who are complaining probably need to wait for the "Hipster murse" version, which will probably follow in due time.

Personally, I prefer a camera bag to look like a camera bag. But that's just me.


I'm a woman photographer. I'm not "in the business," but almost everywhere I go, I take a D700 and a couple of primes at the very least. I'm not at all offended by what Marty said. I'm in total agreement.

"Feminine" is a loaded term, which Marty did not use. If you pose this question to your woman photographer acquaintances, try the word "stylish" instead. Basically what a lot of women want is a bag that is functional but not butt-ugly! Most women photographers probably do not choose the same clothes, shoes, jewelry, or haircuts as their male counterparts. Why should their taste change when it comes to camera bags?

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NancyP: Nothing here suggests that the damage is limited to CC customers. People who bought their software outright may also be at risk.

Not me. I paid cash for mine at a brick and mortar shop.

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On photo Green Vine Snake in the Snakes challenge (3 comments in total)

Wow! That's a beautiful snake.

The image needs to be viewed at full size. The thumbnail doesn't do justice to the biting clarity. Nice job on nailing the focus with such shallow DOF and a moving subject.

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