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Looks serious to me. Samsung is now talking 'Photography'...

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Sony is ranking in... Interesting how it is becoming an important name in the Photography world.

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What does "DF" stands for? Digital film?

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On article Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows (1391 comments in total)

....If I think about it... "Pure Photography" fits the punch line...

It appears as if the camera was born out of some Nikon Executive's idea to make an all manual camera but in digital. I think I get it and for some reasons...I am intrigued too...
I've been shooting with my Nikon FM2n and Pentax MX a lot lately...the pleasure to shoot in full manual is totally different...
Just like the male Photographer model in the advertisements, full manual cameras are for people who like to think and shoot "leisurely"... That's one reason, I understand the fastest speed at 1/4000 secs for Nikon DF.... The feel would be something like Nikon FM2n which has max 1/4000 sec shutter speed...
The convenience of Digital is undeniable and it is actually an amazing idea to combine the both- manual shooting feel of the old film SLRs and Digital.

I am trying to save up (not rich to have both) for Sony A7 but after more reviews in future I may consider Nikon DF too...

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I would like to buy one but it is too expensive for me... I don't know where I can find one in India so I looked on and it is around $800-$1200...
I like the small concept. I am a 5feet tall female and carrying my Canon 40D with additional lenses is quite bothersome so I got Olympus EPL2. Olympus is just fine but I would like to buy something even smaller....
I like the concept and the look of Pentax Q but I hope the sensor was bigger or 4/ I am no technical person as to why it can't be bigger...
The price is the killing factor for me... :(

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I wonder what specifications OMD EM6 will carry when EM5 sounds/ looks complete.... maybe just higher resolution and larger sensor and a flash...or go "connected" like Samsung.... I really want this camera but I am so broke... :(

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She just made me buy my first TLR- Yashica 635 Studio TLR from ebay a while ago!!!

I chanced upon a video on her on youtube this afternoon and was so moved by her photographs that I did a fast search on her. She has moved and inspired me beyond words! I checked the blogs with her photos and did a further Google and here I am now thinking whether to buy the book or not... The book is twice more costly in India than one from Amazon... I might buy the book as well even when I am a student with hardly any money.... Sigh...

Vivian Maier; my Hero.

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