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On article Analog gems: 10 excellent, affordable film cameras (859 comments in total)
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guyfawkes: Nice to see some Minoltas listed, and feel their excellent XD7 is a worthy contender as well. Glad to see Canon's EOS 5, and if one wishes to get less expensive, the original EOS 650 which started it all.

These slr's are cheap and the beauty is savings can be made by fitting third party lenses and thus saving over the original lenses and which often cost more than the body.

XD7 was my very first "proper" camera, and the innards were good enough for Leica to use in their R SLRs.

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On article Capturing the unseen: Sam Forencich's Invisible Oregon (46 comments in total)


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On article Leica Summilux-SL 50mm F1.4 sample gallery (368 comments in total)
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NemanRa: Leica SL + Leica Summilux-SL 50mm F1.4 ASPH = >$12,000

If We exclude:
-all that hype
-brand name
-marketing nonsense, human epithets (beauty, soul, inspiration and so on)
And If we rationally look at this camera system (whether we are professionals or enthusiast) it is a highway robbery!

I've just seen a sample gallery and I couldn't figure out that "magic" look.
Old Canon 50L would give me much more "magic". Paired with the 5Ds for example. For the rest of the money, I would by the new Fuji Medium format and I'd still have a money for a lens or two...

And a Timex watch tells the time just as accurately as a Rolex. A Ford Focus gets better gas mileage than a Ferrari. Leica long ago became a luxury purchase, not another mass-produced camera and lens system. You could argue that pretty much any make of camera and lens 'beats' it, depending on the criteria you set, yet the big volume companies are struggling to make a profit and little Leica keeps ticking along, so who's got it right?

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On article F is for '4th': Hands-on with Fujifilm X100F (424 comments in total)
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jadot: I disagree that the [integrated] ISO dial is redundant. It is the one thing that I really didn't like about the X100T - I had to go into the menus to change ISO. Hardly something that could be done on the fly. I know it's not the perfect solution here, but it is a solution none the less.

I don't care whether the integrated ISO window is more or less useful than the menu-based button + wheel solution; it just looks good on a retro-styled camera like this.

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Ergognome: So Donald Trump has revealed his fingerprint to the world by pointing his finger at the crowd so many times. Is this the source of the Russian hack?

Too small for them to see the print detail.

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mcshan: Ringo Starr's identity must have been stolen by now. Peace and love, peace and love.

Well, they certainly won't be using his autograph to steal his identity. Peace and love:

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obsolescence: I'm still waiting for the "X-Ray vision" camera. Imagine the boon to paparazzi.

It already exists. It's called "near-direct flash on figure-hugging clothing".

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Chuck_893: I tried using my Cannon at a wedding once and they wouldn't let me back in the church.

I'm surprised that there was anything left of the church for you to be banned from.

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seragram: Everybody know Cannon is industry standard for weddings. And Nikkon second choice. That was good addvise. Mirirles people take a shill pil. OLO

With a user name like "Fun 4 all", I'd have expected you to be better at spotting a joke.

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Olymguy: Wedding = Giving up your independence and money

Someone much wittier than I, once defined "marriage" as "a one-word sentence".

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AbrasiveReducer: I have Cannon towels in my bathroom. They're not exciting but they are reliable.

They'd be no good in a mirrorless bathroom, though.

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runbei99: What's in a name? Why get excited. Such a typo would never have happened in the days when editorial standards were very high. Even the best writers publish their second-last drafts on the Web these days. An MIT Media Lab study found that people make 40 percent more proofreading errors when editing onscreen than on hardcopy. Nobody prints their stuff for final edits anymore; it's a huge advantage for those who do. I speak as a professional editor who has to remind himself (kick in butt) to print that damned last draft.

It doesn't help that the job of sub-editor on publications seems largely to have been abolished. It's much easier for someone else to pick up the errors in your text, since they read what you actually wrote, not what you thought you wrote or intended to write.

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Recently bought one of these for work and have been impressed by both the image quality (on a D800) and the versatility of the lens. I bought it to replace a portrait lens with an f/2 aperture and haven't missed the stop at the maximum end as I rarely shot wide open, and the bonus of being able to go from a portrait to a 1:1 macro shot in seconds is extremely useful to me.

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On article Canon patent shows curved sensor design (105 comments in total)
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Mike FL: It is nothing new as *two years* ago, SONY already did "... the First Photo Taken with the Sony Curved Sensor"

@quiquae - Back in the days of 35mm film and the Sunday newspaper colour supplements, there were lots of cameras marketed - usually with brand names just on the legal side of plagiarising the major manufacturers' - that had curved pressure plates moulded into their plastic backs to compensate for the appalling spherical aberrations of their lenses.

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Good of them to show the quickest way of destroying 33,000 e-mails: floppy disks and a Flymo!
And did you notice the block of diskettes were emitting vapour, like they'd been dipped in liquid nitrogen to make them brittle?
Seriously, though, while the camera is a very niche product, there is something hypnotic about ultra slo-mo videos and I'm happy that devices like this could encourage more people to experiment.

Link | Posted on Nov 26, 2016 at 13:42 UTC as 13th comment

"...or a night out at a club, there are no issues..."
... so long as you don't count being kicked out of the club for flying a selfie drone inside, or the thing getting stolen or broken by some drunken idiot.

It's a clever idea, but with restrictions on drone use getting ever tighter, I think that finding somewhere that you'd be allowed to fly it would be at least as big a constraint as the limited flight time.

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On article The Leica TL is an upgraded Leica T mirrorless camera (117 comments in total)
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Richard Kwon: One thing Leica does not understand is that selling yesterday's technology with a premium price does not work... It may work for the M line, but it will not work with the TL line... Leica needs the TL to be like the C class for MB. Yes, the C class is almost 2 time higher compared with Toyota Corolla, but the C class technology is at least on par or greater than the C class. People are willing to pay for the premium if it is worth it. I understand the M class is doing fine as it is.
I think it would been great if Samsung and Leica could of got together to make a new line. Samsung had problems selling with it's name and Leica is having problems with technology. If Leica put their names on the Samsung NX1, I bet it was a hit! Make the lenses in China and sell it right above Fuji X-T2 price. It would of sold like hotcakes!

Ultimately, Leica is a small company that can't offset high development costs by selling large volumes of the resulting products. So, one of their choices is to use exclusivity as a USP, leveraging their brand recognition by getting people to pay a premium for a design-led device.

The majority of the target audience are not going to care that the sensor inside is last-year's model and that noise is not as well-controlled as it could be.

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DWinter: The smaller the p*nis, the higher the need for self approval.

Given DWinter's comment, perhaps the 'footage' should be called 'inchage'.

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CQui: Where is the red dot?

I was hoping that every individual pip would be surface embossed with the word "Leica". Sadly not, and a missed opportunity.

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