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J A C S: OK, to fight the "throwaway culture", Gitzo wants you to buy a new tripod instead of supporting the current ones with parts and a longer extended warranty.

The difference is that they charge for spare parts for the other tripods and claim that they won't for this one.
The devil will be in the detail - will you have to pay shipping to your country of residence? In NZ that would mean $50 of shipping (or more) for a $5 part...!

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Who will replace it if Gitzo go bust?

Also, what is "eco friendly leather"? Is that actually leather, or plastic like "vegan leather"?

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Lightroom for me.

I have to have OWS because they insist on it for firmware updates but aside from that I never use it.

Pick one and learn to use it properly - there are so many alternatives these days that you could spend an awful lot of time and money trying every one and never learn how to use any of them to the best of their abilities.

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Old Cameras: I wonder if there’s a museum filled with all of these frivolous and silly Leica special editions. What a depressing place that would be.

I was in Singapore once and they had one in a camera store. I asked the salesman who bought them.
He replied that several wealthy Singaporeans had their secretaries ring the store and place an order immediately any edition was announced - they owned them all and never removed them from the packaging. Just put them in the safe as investments.

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Fair enough. I did not pay $2000+ for my phone to be dumb enough to have some amateur hour wannabe backstreet cut & shut fix it if it goes wrong anyway.

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A friend of mine and I used to joke that we could condense SE Asian photo trips into a single image as follows:

Three Buddhist monks on a Honda Dream, one on a cellphone, with 26 chickens hanging off the handlebars, 4 pigs in cages on the back, followed by a family of 6 on another Honda, set against the sunset, the bikes riding under the Death Gate at Angkor, with Inle Lake in the background, a fisherman casting a net against the sunset and a cute kid smiling at the camera in the foreground.

Does Luminar do that for me now?

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If it had a 30 day free trial before they took my money, I’d try it.

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OBI656: I am not exactly a big fan of "AI" technology as I love to manipulate images in Photoshop / Capture One. In any case, I have installed this LUMINAR AI app. It runs very smoothly responsive, and for amateur/serious pro photographers, it could be a useful application, as I can see. I like this app very much.

Ps, I'm not a big fan of "AI" technology because I like to manipulate images in Photoshop / Capture One. In any case, I have installed this application LUMINAR AI and it runs very smoothly, sensitively and for an amateur / serious phophotographer it can be a valuable application as I see it. In fact, I really like this app.

"I'm afraid" that all the dumb reviews of this software come from Photographers who consider themselves "Artists". Am I right?

You’ll be depressed that AI is coming to Photoshop then.

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It does many many things.

Unfortunately my camera already does the ones I would actually use.

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On challenge hummingbird (1 comment in total)

Sadly there are none in New Zealand!

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"the dot-dot-dot thing"

or ellipsis as we call it in English.

To be honest, this year has not been all that bad for us at all, aside from not being able to leave New Zealand it's been pretty reasonable, fortunately.

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There are a number of "mirrorless camera systems" ranging from MFT to Medium Format.

Which one, Sigma?

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Most drone users I have spoken to would suggest obstacle avoidance is a key thing for beginners!

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I have the previous version. Must get round to listing it on Ebay as it is one of the least useful things I have ever bought.

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I have to say I do wish my iMac Pro had the matte screen. No need to change any other aspects though - a Xeon 10 core and 64GB of RAM is more than enough for my needs.

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Kafka2000: Strange form-factor for a camcorder.

Quite. A camcorder would be much better - you would not need to spend thousands on attachments to make the sensor you had bought actually functional for professional video use.

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On article Hands-on with the Sony a7S III (355 comments in total)

I was astounded to see the price of this camera here in NZ. It is actually now TWICE what the original version was at launch!!

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biggercountry: I think this may be the most relevant camera for the way visual media is consumed today.

Phones are much more competent at photography than video, so the case for owning a dedicated stills camera is getting weaker every year. But ILCs really come into their own compared to phones when it comes to video. Sensor noise is much more noticeable in video than a still image, and phone sensors out themselves with their terrible noise performance in video in any lighting besides daylight. And I’m aware of no phone that can convincingly simulate shallow depth of field in video, if at all.

The a7S III has enough resolution to make it a perfectly competent stills camera for social media, and is (arguably) the most competent and self-contained video-centric ILC currently available. Yes, it’s spendy for the amateur vlogger, but not totally out of reach for prosumers, and is very attractively priced for professionals. I see Sony selling a lot of these.

No phone has ever produced a photo for me that beats any ILC camera I have owned since my first one in 1983.

They're fine as visual notes but not much use for proper photography.

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On article Sony a7S III review (2798 comments in total)

It makes perfect sense as a stills camera if you like to shoot using available light, often in poorly lit situations.

None of these cameras make any sense as a video camera - a properly designed video camera was always better and to make one of these into a decent rig you have to add a whole bunch of things that a proper video maker's camera used to have built in.

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felix from the suburbs: I wonder if guys like me are to blame. I kept buying better cameras until I got one that I was more than happy with and have no reason to buy for a long time. (I still enjoy reading the review though - once again I wonder if there are more people who read reviews for entertainment without the intention of actually buying anything).

I can't really think why I would replace what I have now unless it failed.

I am sure that is the case for many.

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