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Sergey Borachev: This $900 Nikon with kit lens is only slightly smaller, about 90g lighter, and $100 cheaper than the Sony NEX-6 kit. The Sony kit has APS-C sensor, 2.4 M dot EVF, 24mm equivalent focal length, WiFi, ... ... The only thing the Nikon seems to be better is the 15fps, but the Sony still has 10 fps and is otherwise 2 classes above it.

This Nikon is small but it is so blocky and not pocketable. At $900, it is more expensive than many M43 cameras which are also only slightly bigger. What's the point?

Protecting your DSLR business, Nikon? How about doing something to protect your future?

Yeah! I agree. at this price, I will buy Oly Epl-5. I guess IQ wise, EPL-5 will beat the ass of this V2.

Take note, epl5 has slight IQ advantage in comparison to OMD.

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How does the flash of LX7 compared to XZ-1? I really love the XZ-1 fill in flash even with closeups not to mention the different power outputs. My XZ-1 died recently, its only 6 months(shame olympus, crap motherboard).

Anyway, I do always use flash at night and dim light situations. I am bit worried to upgrade to LX7 with such a ridiculous low score on flash department.

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Can you make comparisons to Samsung GS3?

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JesperMP: I realise that it is like comparing apples and oranges, BUT...
at 600 list price it is too close to the 649 list price for RX100.
Even Canon S100 is now down to under 400.

A fine camera no doubt, but 600 list price is too much.


And yet Lx-7 doesnt have tiltable touch screen hig res LCD that XZ-2 has, yes its F2.3 at tele end but it cannot match the 112mm of XZ-2.

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Ben O Connor: Thats more versatile than P100 and much easier to carry than P7100. And actually P7100 was a very late excuse to ones, who already bought P7000.

Also improoved optical specs, longest zoom range on its class.

I see that there are two rivals now to send to Olympus XZ-1 to history.

Panasonic LX-7 with bright lens and video specs.
Nikon P7700 with a versitality of highest tele zoom and streo built in mic. brightest screen, and pocketable.

Very well done Nikon.

ps: I personally believe that Sony RX100 and Canon G1X are just miss matched models. They are both awfull expensive and they can´t really helps with none of their specs.

XZ-1 is a year behind those new models. Let's wait for XZ-2 at photokina this september. I hope XZ-2 will address all the issues w/ XZ-1.

My hopes? 1' sensor with the same magnificent lens! (although it will be a massive lens). but i don't care. :))

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rondom: Who makes the sensor please? Thank you.

As per the preview said., the sensor are made by Sony.

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Ben O Connor: ... and still no news about New XZ series. (XZ-1 / XZ-10 / XZ-GK (GodKnows).

Yeah. I'm also currently waiting for the replacement of my beloved XZ-1, I'll wait till September for their announcement on Photokina, Hopefully.

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Compared to EM-5 and Nex- 5n at ISO 3200-6400; NX 210 is utterly Garbage. How Sad- Bad JPEG Engine.

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