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I love everything about photography and the equipment that goes along with it from the cameras to the IPS displays and digital darkroom stuff i.e. photoshop etc.


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Holladay: I've been in and out of my local camera store nearly once a week for the past few months trying to decide between the Sigma 1.4 Art and the Canon 1.2L. After A LOT of deliberation, I'm about to buy the Sigma. Not because it's sharper (it is), not because the AF feels a little faster(well maybe just a little), not because it's cheaper (this definetley helps), but because of the overall general aesthetic of the image it produces. It's difficult to explain, but the in-focus area when shot at 1.4 tends to really pop out. More so than the Canon. The bokeh is not as dreamy as the Canon, probably because it's sharper overall, but it's nice.
One of my main concerns though, besides it's weight, is the customer service and quality. I have nothing but good things to say about my local Canon Service Center. Their customer service is amazing. After seeing some people mention some QC problems with the Sigma, I'm feeling kind of nervous about pulling the trigger.

I finally picked up a copy of the 1.4 art 50mm and after a bit of in-body AF-fine tuning it's laser sharp.
Doing this is highly recommended as the lens needs some adjustment to get it right.
Very satisfied with results now after being a bit frustrated when initially getting the lens.
Big and heavy lens as well as very pricy at a grand but well worth it.
Great images come from big glass and big glass is heavy.

The trade off with size/weight and being pricey is definitely worth the quality you're getting.

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