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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot SX150 IS review (85 comments in total)
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KieranGee: I don't know what everyone moaning about how posting compact camera reviews isn't like "the old DPReview" is on about really. Compact camera reviews are what this place used to do the most of!
I myself love reading about the newest and shiniest high end equipment, in the same way that I love watching reviews of supercars, but at the end of the day, there are far more family sedans and saloons sold than mid-engined exotica, and the same is true of cameras like this and the myriad of other compacts out there, so a review of this is far more relevant to far more people than one of whatever multi thousand *currency of local choice* camera has just topped the range of camera maker X
As always though, if you don't like the content, nobody has forced you to read it just so that you can offend your delicate little sensibilities, so I suggest that you don't.

I agree. From time to time I get asked for advice from casual users about which camera to buy and I always direct them to DPReview. I might give them a little guidance based on their intended use but never recommend a specific camera or brand. DPReview's database and search and compare features are second to none and without the reviews of ALL types of cameras I would have no reason to direct them here. Hopefully, they may see some of the other features here such as the challenge section or book reviews etc. and be inspired to dig deeper into the world of digital photography.

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On article 2012 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced (68 comments in total)
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smallcams: Great series for Feature Photography Craig F. Walker of The Denver Post.

That's a stunning photo essay. I have to say that it really hit me emotionally which is of course what great photography should do.

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On article 2012 Pulitzer Prize photography winners announced (68 comments in total)
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makofoto: So where can one see the winning Breaking News photo? Doesn't come up in that category on their page?

Click on the "works" tab on that page.
Oops, didn't notice the works in the link above.

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EddyKilowatt: Hmmm... I recall the car companies got their knuckles rapped by the FTC for trying to do something similar. In fact I believe they not only have to make parts available, but also shop manuals and other service information. I wonder what the parallels might be with this situation.

Seems like a greedy grab on Nikon's part in any case, and the exact opposite of what professionals would want from their camera company. The shop in town might get your gear fixed today in time for tomorrow's shoot... the service depot two states away, not so likely.

I'm pretty sure that previous case law has shown that Nikon is under no obligation to sell parts to ISOs. They will claim that the parts are patented and covered under intellectual property laws and that Nikon is not in a monopolistic position. There is plenty of precedence for this and it would be very expensive for anyone to pursue this legally with little chance of a positive outcome. If this turns out to be a big issue for consumer, they will vote with their wallets. I really have sympathy with the independents though as I have always tried to deal with local companies in most of my consumer purchases. I like to be more than just a voice on the telephone or a case number in a computer.

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My first digital camera was an Olympus C5050Z. I really enjoyed it and have a soft spot for Olympus. I could see this as a nice carry round camera or a good camera for those that might want something more than a basic point and shoot. I look forward to more info.

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AbrasiveReducer: It's funny that when Nikon came out with their 16-35 VR all the "pros" said who needs IS/VR in a wide angle? I can hand hold for 20 seconds with no problem. I agree, it's a mystery why you wouldn't want it in a 24-70. I also wonder how much worse IS would be if it was in the body, which would address the size, cost and weight issues.

Are you saying you can hand hold a shot with the shutter open for 20 seconds and still get acceptable images?

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On article An introduction to OLED (64 comments in total)
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Gerard Hoffnung: If this technology is an improvement over LCD, why does dpreview's hands on preview of the Samsung NX200 not mention it except in the specs?

OK. I'll take a look there. Thanks for the reply.

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On article An introduction to OLED (64 comments in total)

If this technology is an improvement over LCD, why does dpreview's hands on preview of the Samsung NX200 not mention it except in the specs?

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Roman Goc: What about taking photo of the sunset? Milions of them are nearly identical.

My wife would argue that I have taken most of them :)

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I think the judge weighed the previous relationship between the two litigants far too heavily. As Sosua suggested in an earlier post, I Googled london red bus black white. Multiple similar images show up including one that is almost identical being sold by a UK poster web site. I can't see this judgment standing up under appeal.

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AbrasiveReducer: Look, there is a distinction between cameras and photography and this site is about cameras. If the discussion of photo equipment is not of interest to you, you should expect to be dissapointed here.

Having taught photography at the college level I can tell you that if you think dpreview's discussions are pointless, you should sit in on a graduate photography class, where you can take a great image, that requires no explanation, and spend hours theorizing about what it all means.

If this is a site about equipment, why is there a category named Photo Techniques that has articles such as Landscape Photography Primer, Introduction to Food Photography and many more. I certainly consider dpreview to be about much more than gear.

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wetsleet: have you been running a "just a minute" style competition to see who first repeats themselves with synonyms for "releases" on this Fujifilm erruption?

dispatches, unveils, unleashes, develops, reveals, announces, launches, offers, releases, er.. unleashes - oops, klaxon sound!

Very amusing!

I'm pretty sure they are having a little fun with it. What else to do when a manufacturer throws so many new products at you.

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Solarcoaster: All together now,


Sorry John, but in North America at least, almost all hospitals and even relatively small clinics are doing diagnostic imaging in digital format. Heck, even my dentist uses digital.

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On article Challenge of Challenges 2011 Winner announced (109 comments in total)
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elroyie: Thank you all for your comments.

Just for clearing:
The drop of water is real, not photoshopped!!!
The king fisher was standing on a branch, I didn't hold it in my hands!!!
I was sitting in a tent and waited for the kingfisher to get out of the water, I missed the landing, but I caught the water drop.
The uncropped frame (that was printed and is hanging on my wall) is here:
There is no PP manipulation in this picture, it is not my way.
Every one is invited to see the original frame on my computer, this is the only thing that I can say for all the scepticals.
I hope that I gave the right answets for you all.

Again, thank you all for commenting on this picture.

Congratulations, I love both the cropped and uncropped versions although the cropped one has more impact for me. It is really unfortunate that you are having to defend yourself from some here. I can only assume that it is sour grapes. Enjoy the moment.

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On article Buyer's Guide: 10 Essential Color Management Devices (58 comments in total)

Something for those who are new to color management to consider. You can never get print output to match the display. The color gamut (range) of CMYK printers is smaller than RGB monitors so your image editing software will map unprintable colors down into the printable range depending on it's color settings. Calibration software allows you to get consistent, repeatable results and of course you can edit your images to get the results you want from there. I run a dual monitor setup, and a Datacolor Spyder Pro gets them very close but even with that my eye can detect slight differences. The human eye is remarkably perceptive and has a much wider gamut than either RGB or CMYK and ultimately, the goal is to get the results YOU want every time.

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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (374 comments in total)

I'm pretty much done with Adobe after discovering that Elements 8 will not open the RAW files from the T3i I purchased earlier this year. Apparently Adobe expects me to buy the latest version so I can get a RAW converter that works. I have not read every post here so this may have already come up but their philosophy now is that they will not bring out new versions of RAW for previous versions once they release a new version of Elements. In other words, buy a new camera and buy a new version of Elements. Sorry but no, I'll find another product that supports me. And yes, I do know the workarounds but don't believe I should have to work around Adobe.

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