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happypoppeye: There is very little benefit shooting in RAW these days and its easier for a company to handle jpegs. Plus, jpegs are almost just as editable.

"compared to reality than a properly edited RAW!"
Yes, but whose reality are we talking about when you allow RAW editing.
You have apparently never rescued an incorrectly exposed but otherwise great image using RAW. Yes, I occasionally do make mistakes :)

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On article JPEG Committee contemplates adding DRM to image format (182 comments in total)
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Digitalis32: I Nominate the EFF for a Darwin award.

How many publishers have used DRM in the area of gaming,cinema,audio - only to realize how easy it is to circumvent.

Perhaps you should reaad the article more thoroughly.
"The EFF argues that adding DRM to images 'would not be effective at protecting intellectual property rights in images and would have unwanted side effects.'"

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On article Rough and ready: Olympus Tough TG-4 review (291 comments in total)

I like the "freeze proof to -10C". Around my part of the world that's an average winter day and both my G16 and Ti3 function perfectly well at that temperature.

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On article Lens Rentals Canada closes its doors (177 comments in total)
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vaclav1: In Canada people with University education often earn less money than people with Union jobs. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has enormousness power. My postman at my previous address in Vancouver owned a new Porsche.
No wonder that I ship to Europe every package from USA and I get all packages to my US address, it is much cheaper and much faster.
This is a victory of sick socialism over freedom.

I agree. I am Canadian and up until the recent exchange rate drop I bought a lot of stuff from the US. I always look for sellers that will ship USPS as UPS rip you off with outrageous broker fees which USPS doesn't. I've never had an item go missing or damaged and delivery times have always been reasonable. Most items are delivered to my door by Canada Post. I have no complaints.

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On article Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal (740 comments in total)

I read the first 2 paragraphs of this article and thought "this is going to to be a Canon hate fest in the comments", I wasn't disappointed. Apparently many commenters here are the only true arbiters of what is acceptable for the rest of us. I hope there are plenty of buyers for this camera, I certainly would love one if my budget ran to it.

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dudewithcamera: Check out the Domke F803. Truly low profile - no brand names and definitely doesn't scream "camera bag". Has more of a vintage look than most camera bags. Five good pockets including one which might fit a Surface/Air (not sure). Non slip strap, handle, great size for mirrorless.

That Domke looks really nice, a lot like the shoulder bags I saw a lot of men carrying on a recent trip to Europe. Much more stealth than some shoulder camera bags.

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Elmos: Wow.. so much hostility against the UK. What is being proposed doesn't seem unreasonable to me. Nothing is being destroyed or hidden or faked. The images were made in the UK by someone living in the UK and are now considered culturally valuable what is the issue here ? do we have too much time on our hands folks ?

Nicely put Dave.

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On article Budget X: Hands-on with Fujifilm's new X-A2 (162 comments in total)
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minzaw: The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has officially confirmed what many people thought all along: taking ‘selfies’ is a mental disorder. The APA made this classification during its annual board of directors meeting in Chicago. The disorder is called selfitis, and is defined as the obsessive compulsive desire to take photos of one’s self and post them on social media as a way to make up for the lack of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy. APA said there are three levels of the disorder:

Chronic selfitis: Uncontrollable urge to take photos of one’s self round the clock and posting the photos on social media more than six times a day

I read it on the internet so it must be true.
Actually that extract is from a spoof article from the Adobo Chronicles a "creative news" web site which claims everthing on it's web site is the truth except for the lies.
Sadly this is now being passed around the internet as being real.

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On article Canon announces 16-35mm F4L and 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 lenses (367 comments in total)
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tongki: I keep 17-40mm for extra 5mm reach
and don't need stupid IS

if you can not handheld your camera in wide angle,
then hire a photographer that can do it

Excellent comment. This 70 year old photographer needs all the help he can get when it comes to reducing camera shake. I use a monpod almost all the time and a tripod when I can but sometimes handheld is the only way to go and then IS is of paramount importance to me.

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I love classic cars and these shots capture the feel of the era of the models.
Almost as impressive is that there are no whining complaints about something or other (so far).

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showmeyourpics: I did try it, loved it, bought it and am having a jolly good time using it. The EVF could be better but is a huge improvement over the typical optical viewfinders (I had the G12 for 2 years). With a $24 8MP UHS-1 card, write time for 12MP Raw + jpeg is about 1.5sec/frame or 9sec for a 6 frame sequence. I don't understand the issue of interface sluggishness. Yesterday, I photographed the sunset jumping from 5 frame exposure bracketing for HDR rendering to manual series of 5 shots for panorama stitching, everything without taking my eye off the EVF and/or appreciable complications. The articulated LCD with Manual Frame Area is great for basic product photography. The lens range up to 200mm is definitely a unique plus for me.

BTW, I am a part-time pro with over 40 years of experience with all kind of film and digital gear shooting many different subjects. I normally work with pro-level equipment but carry the P7800 with me everywhere to be ready for any unexpected photo opportunity

Presumably the Nikon P7800, it's the only one with a 200mm zoom length.

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On article Niki Feijen's haunting images of abandoned houses (218 comments in total)

HDR or not, I find these images very evocative. In the first image it appears as though the occupants simply dissapeared leaving behind their belongings such as the suit hanging on the wall. What happened to them, why did they leave? My imagination can fill in a few scenarios but would any of them be close to reality? Enjoy the images for what they are.

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Braxton7: Top one reminds me of a Dali painting. Haven't looked at the website. I do often wonder about the clothes and shoes you see on the side of the highway sometimes. Where do they come from and why?

Interesting point. I was out riding my bicycle recently and noticed a sports bra lying in the ditch alongside the road. Kept my imagination going for quite a while as I tried to figure various scenarios as to how it got there :)

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Optimal Prime: Artsy stuff is great. But not at the expense of camera reviews. That's not why I visit this site.

Given the prodigious backlog of reviews, shouldn't DPR put more effort into clearing it and finally be as current as other major review sites?

You apparently believe that it's a one or the other system. I'm sure that dpreview is more than capable of showing other photographers artwork without sacrificing the technical nitty gritty so beloved of some commenters. Isn't the whole point of photography to create an image. Some of photography's most iconic images have been created using equipment that doesn't hold a candle to the quality even a modern point and shoot can do. One of the reasons I really like this web site is that it inspires me with some of the images created by brilliant photographers as well as keeping me up to date with the latest technology. Most modern high quality cameras can produce images far beyond the needs of the imagination of most of us and definitely beyond my limited capabilities.

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I guess I am in a minority in that I find that very often, I learn something from a comment that I probably wouldn't have learned otherwise. Discussion in comments sections, particularly on very technical issues will either clarify something for me or drive me to further research on the internet. I read at least some of the comments on any article I read and find it easy to skip the nonsense and focus on the good comments. On more than one occasion, some very funny comments have been posted that give me a belly laugh that just makes my day. I'm OK with comment sections.

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CharlesGordon: I like the idea of being able to stuff this into the smaller cameras that were far more common in the film days. Although, in the past couple years there seems to be an awakening that some of us just want the bigger sensor, not the bigger body.

Good comment. I still have my XA. I used to motorcycle tour a lot and it was a great little camera for that. Pocketable, excellent image quality and totally reliable. Sometimes, I still miss film.

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fad: Virginia Postrel put it well:

Ultimately, the debate about choice is not about markets but about character. Liberty and responsibility really do go together; it’s not just a platitude. The more freedom we have to control our lives, the more responsibility we have for how they turn out. In a world of constraints, learning to be happy with what you’re given is a virtue. In a world of choices, virtue comes from learning to make commitments without regrets. And commitment, in turn, requires self-confidence and self-knowledge.

“We are free to be the authors of our lives,” says Schwartz, “but we don’t know exactly what kind of lives we want to ‘write.’” Maturity lies in deciding just that.

Excellent post.

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AngryCorgi: It seems the people behind Hassleblad thinks all of us are idiots.

Rich idiots.

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On article Photographer captures concert with DSLR-mounted GoPro (76 comments in total)
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daMatrix: Having an automated photo capture stream does not mean a result with great photos.

From his selection of photos shown here only nr 1 is good. The other show photographer failure of showing what he wants to express with the photos.

That said the video shows Pierre had a lot of fun at this concert in his own way and therefor the video is more interesting than the snaps.

You might want to head over to Pierre's blog and look at his gallery there.
I think some of the shots there are excellent and really capture the energy of the band.

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Ollie 2: Well, my two cents is that grading images is hardly altering or manipulating their "authenticity".

...and in my opinion the two images on this page were more effective prior to the alterations. So what do I know?

It's all about personal taste. I like the after in the first image and the before in the second.
I'm in western Canada and skies like that and a whole bunch more weird are common around here. Prior to a tornado that hit Edmonton in 1987, the skies actually had this bizarre mix of purples and greens.

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