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Ebrahim Saadawi: Pros:

- Excellent "idea" even if not excellently executed (see my cons list down). The product replaces carrying a foldable seat and a tripod, with one small item to carry and use, with a much smaller footprint.

- The camera platform is height adjustable to eyes' level, is located on a ball-head joint, thus the shooter can sit down and follow subjects either moving quickly or slowly, adjust framing height, tilt, pan, and level.

- An excellent solution not just for a chair+tripod kits but for a regular tripods that are being used in a manner where the photographer needs to stay in one place and spend a long period of time. This products provides a seat for body-support during such shoots. I can see this very effective for video mainly, but also stills photography in sports with telephoto range lenses, in press conferences, in long-exposure landscapes, in time-lapses, virtually any application with a fixed-placed tripod.

- It can carry up to 2 kilograms camera/lens kit. Very good.

@Mike_PEAT Up to 80 kg/176 lb according to DC Watch linked in the article.

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escapewheel: After using nearly every mirrorless system (okay, except for Sigma), I've found the EOS-M system to be best all-around *for my purposes*. Compact, great user interface, logically placed controls, Canon colors, very good video output. Master of none, highly capable at most everything. Slap on the EF adapter and your options are unlimited; use the 15-45 or 22 f2 if you want to go super compact. I used to be one who scoffed at the on-paper specs of the M line, but in every day use it's a winner.

@escapewheel "I used to be one who scoffed at the on-paper specs of the M line, but in every day use it's a winner."
Exactly. For the vast majority of users that are not pixel peeping it's the overall experience that counts and Canon makes well featured user friendly cameras with image quality that is more than adequate for most.

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JEROME NOLAS: What is the best phone/camera on the market today? Must be small, max. total length 5 inches. If I want a paddle I'll buy a paddle! Thanx

Pixel 2 is probably as close as you will get at 5.74 inches and an acclaimed camera.

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So who decides what's unnatural. If it's PETA then I have a problem with that. Given their proclivity for killing off animals at it's Norfolk, Virginia facility then they are hardly the people to tell the rest of us how to behave.

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SpencerSL: Are the sidewalks on private property or public? If private, then they have the right to dictate what happens on it. If public, then they shouldn't have that right. But it's America after all, and in America, the private interests of the super rich will always win.

Wally626. I think you have the key phrase right there. "allows others to freely use them for transit." If large groups are coming in for staged shoots then that clearly doesn't meet that definition.

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Gediminas 8: The suspects took a selfie before leaving?

You don't know how true that can be. Years ago my house was broken into and among the things taken was my Canon T90. My neighbor noticed a suspicious car in the area and got the license plate and reported it to the police, in due course the thieves were arrested. I guess you know what's coming here but when I got the camera back my film was still in it so I got it developed and here are the dumb turkeys sitting around taking photos of themselves with their ill gotten gains. The cops were delighted, they said it was the best evidence they could have asked for :)

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Miniature Stinger missiles. The full size ones would be a little bit of overkill.

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The Squire: What no 4K?

The article points out it is an entry level camera. It will most likely be bought as a travel and family photos camera and I'd be really surprised if an entry level user would want to make full length 4k movies. Different strokes for different folks. If you don't like it don't buy it.

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bonnet: Assperiments?!, well, they should really think twice about the word they use to coin new expressions.

Read it again, it's appsperiments.

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Sergey Borachev: I wonder how the combined setup (smartphone, gimbal, clip-on lenses, and weights) compare in terms of IQ, convenience, stabilisation, weight, bulk, setup time and cost, with a small zoom camera with good IBIS, day a GX85 worth a 12-32 mm lens, or something smaller from Sony or Canon, fixed lens or ilc. 🤔

Somehow, I feel an all-in-1 solution may be more enjoyable. Smartphones are after all supposed to be good for spontaneous shooting.

It would be great if DPR can do a comparative review of these smartphone gimbals.

My Canon G16 fits nicely in a jacket pocket and gets better images than any smart phone (so far). That setup seems clunky and impracticable to me. To each their own I guess.

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riknash: Holy crap, Amazon says it costs $2400 CAD to purchase iPnone X! A product that has a depreciation of 50% in one year, no thanks.

@RadPhoto. My son's fiance just bought one in Edmonton and it was right around CA $1300 so you are correct.

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" unique quirks. It's awkward, tricky to master, and lacks a lot of the bells and whistles common even in much cheaper competitors"
I don't care if it does say Leica, it still seems more like a piece of expensive jewelry than a really functional imaging device. However, if you have the money and it makes you feel good using it, go for it.

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Roland Karlsson: The decision to fly this drone illegally too near the airport was made by the drone flier. The decision to cause all this chaos was made by the air authorities. Nothing would probably have happened if they simply had ignored the drone. I do not say they should have ignored the drone. Just trying to get some perspective on the nature of the problem.

"probably" being the operative word. If they did nothing and a plane went down do you think that everyone would be OK with "we thought it would probably be OK". If one of your loved ones were on a drone downed flight would you be OK with inaction because they thought the drone would "probably" not cause any problem?

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Ben of the North: I'm unimpressed by all those pics, for many reasons. I can take pictures that looks better on my Pixel2 phone.

So a smartphone with a fixed lens 12MP 1/2.6" sensor can outperform a camera with a APS-C sensor, 24 megapixels and 3 x optical zoom. Got it.

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wakaba: This is how the Nikon 850 should be. Quality design, MF Sensor and all japanese featuritis deleted. High ISO? Who cares when IQ at 64, 100 is extremely good. Overamplification was never a good idea. Usable 4k is missing. Pricewise - both companies fleecing customers. No cam is worth 9000$ or 3000$.

@wakaba: Well, if you say they are not worth their price then clearly they are not. The oracle has spoken.

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Salah: So what does dull mean in these articles? Are these displays render colors accurate?

If you use an sRGB profile the colors will look accurate but very neutral, "flat" in some peoples eyes. Users these days want images to "pop" so manufactures use different profiles to give them what they want. I assume Google used a profile that is accurate but not necessarily pleasing to many. Samsung allows choices of profiles and that is better than a single sRGB profile. This article from xda-developers covers it pretty nicely.

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Michiel953: I like these a lot. This may seem strange coming from a long-time Nikon user, but the 5DIV seems a very capable camera, and this 28 a lovely lens.

I only own one 28mm, a 28/2.8 Ais, which I used to shoot a roll of Tri-x with recently with an FM2/T. Theme: leisure time in Amsterdam late summer. I once again realized 35mm is my most natural angle of view.

Thanks for posting this!

I don't think there is anything strange about admiring another makers brand that's not the one you use. I think it's a far healthier attitude than hating everything brand C makes because you use brand N or vice versa as some do.

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"and both of the shots you are seeing were taken with a fish lens." But of course they were, what else would you use?

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Jakub Ostrowski: Just another idiot. I meant Macron not the photographer.

@cosinaphile "he looks like he's taking a dump" If that's what you see you may be suffering from coprophilia. Your doctor can probably refer you to a suitable professional.

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Teila Day: The law should allow for trespassers to be shot when trespassing after being warned verbally or by signage. That'll take care of most photographers and newspersons traipsing all over one's private property when they've been asked to leave.
Security should've beat him w/in an inch of his life then claim they know nothing about it. When the photographer admits that he got beat while trespassing on private property, his complaint should automatically be disregarded and he should be heavily fined.

Sounds a little harsh but given my disgust of paparazzi maybe not.

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