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StevenE: Sad as it is, it was war. And not just any war, but a world war and an attack on American soil. The Japanese, the Germans, and the Italians were all treated this way. Espionage was a big concern.
BTW ... most people express heightened "empathy" for the woman mostly because she's young and pretty. I think the photos are important and moving, but the virtue-signalling in the comments here is not compelling.

@grock: "Virtue-signaller" is popular nomenclature among those who seek to suppress any notion that racism or any sort of discrimination is (or in this case even "was") a big deal, trying to make themselves sound smart in the process. Basically you can safely ignore anything such a person has to say.

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Olympus OM-D E-M1 II (654 comments in total)
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Max Iso: Two things. It may have been a pre-production body but i wish you guys would get creative with the tracking tests. Give the camera to Barney and have Sam or somebody run at him like a spider monkey real quick and test the tracking. Any moving subject is better than nothing.

Secondly in an unrelated point, i wish some MFG, any MFG, would start creating grips that hold 2 batteries, on top of the one in camera. My old 70D grip held two but also had the plastic insert so the one in camera was removed- still only 2 batteries.

Can some MFG, ML or DSLR, stop being so traditional and give us an improvement like this? The grip on the new Em1 is downright huge, almost as big as the camera itself. Surely if you have it gripped you are not too concerned with size, why not go that extra mile and make it slightly bigger for another battery? 3 is better than 2, 4 is even better than 3.

The continuing lack of a 2-battery vertical grip is the most puzzling design decision Olympus has made and continues to make. Don't make me take off the grip to remove the other battery inside the body.

I too am very much looking forward to some comprehensive AF tests. This thing is a beast on paper but we'll see how it does IRL.

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NowHearThis: As I count it, 8 new lenses have been announced for M43. Most look like really nice offerings too.

Quality doesn't come cheap.

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jeffharris: In a word, FUGLY!
Apparently, Canon hired all the retired VHS camcorder designers in Japan to design their cameras.

Doesn't take a designer to recognize ugly.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Canon EOS 5D (232 comments in total)

Have a couple 2'x3' canvas prints from ye olde 5D hanging on the wall. 12MP goes a long way, and some of my personal favorites I took with that 5D. Good times.

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Great looking camera. If only they would start getting serious about releasing new APS-C lenses...

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2485 comments in total)
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DenWil: A "flagship" 24MP crop 35mm ...from the company which stepped up and created a series of medium format rangefinders...why still messing with a crop sensor?

Why no digitally repurposed GW 645? That would have been forward thinking rather than rehashing an old 35mm design for aging hobbyists.

Call me when I can get a digital medium format for $1700. Until then remember that there are lots of markets to cater to and one size does not fit all.

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On article Fujifilm announces development of EF-X500 flash (78 comments in total)

Wireless communication type: Optical pulse communication (in multiple flash-unit photography operation)

Shame--would have been pretty much perfect if this were radio instead of optical.

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xMichaelx: It's interesting that photographers here will fight tooth and nail against fair use for images, and then demand the ability to photograph the creative works of others as they please.

Maybe your definition of "fair use" isn't the accepted one, because I haven't seen people arguing against fair use of images except for maybe some really fringe folks.

And are you really advocating the prohibition of photographs of buildings? Truly, common sense is an increasingly rare commodity, as your position proves.

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France limits photography rights? Good. Once less reason to visit France.

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On article Week in Review: Sony FTW (302 comments in total)
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ripleysbaby: Just how many lenses out there can cope with all those Sony megapixels anyway.
I could possibly raise the cash to buy the camera, but nothing would be left for quality glass. that means for the first time for me the Leica looks worth the money

@Rishi: He said "quality glass".

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Pat Cullinan Jr: Nice, nice, nice, but too dear by a factor of 7.

You said the camera was too dear by a factor of 7. Where's the camera with the same specs that is 1/7 the cost then?

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Yohan Pamudji: The best part of the RX100 IV is it will drive down the price of the RX100 III.

Maybe initially, but eventually the IV will come down and will exert downward price pressure on the III. The feature sets aren't that different and the price difference is only $150.

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The best part of the RX100 IV is it will drive down the price of the RX100 III.

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photo perzon: I do not like 28mm, most pictures are deformed.

Good to see you're still around to enlighten us with your deep knowledge of photography.

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Peiasdf: At $4250, not nearly as expensive as I've expect it to be. True SONY is the 1st one to market by a wide margin so Leica cannot ask for "unique" premium but still, it is a Leica. Would have expect $5000 for the lens + $2000 for the body for $7,000 total.

At its current price + EVF it almost match the original RX1 price.

Agreed. Not a cheap camera but not at all the typical Leica overpricing. This is actually a reasonable price for once, even if Sony will probably undercut it by $1000 or more.

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Pat Cullinan Jr: Nice, nice, nice, but too dear by a factor of 7.

Please point me to the FF camera with 28mm f/1.7 you refer to that costs $600.

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On article Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge (727 comments in total)
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nananananana: I think canon can compete with mirrorless. Mirrorless biggest trump card is size and weight. Canon has the SL1, they have the pancake lenses, they have 300 gram tele.

But unless Pentax and Nikon start caring about size and weight, they're going the way of the dodo.

People want travel cammeras they can throw in their backpack, they can take on a trip, they can put in their purse, they can carry all day. Make size and weight a priority or get relegated to the studio like Medium format.

(an no, the IQ of AF of DSLR are not advantages of DSLR anymore, mirrorless have catched up, in some cases surpassed, my sis has a Sony A6000, image quality is just as good as DSLR)

DSLR companies switching to mirrorless is not going to work well either, Fuji, panasonic and Sony are names that are now intrinsically linked to mirrorless, people who want a mirrorless aren't looking at Canon or Nikon.

Pentax's Limited primes were small before any other DSLR manufacturer even thought about making small lenses.

Nikon on the other hand... woof! Their lenses seem to keep getting bigger.

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Ergo607: Well, it had already become clear to me that olympus doesn't do customer's binding so I did not have to expect any firmware update for the E-M5, which is why I changed to Fuji X. Still there should have been an update for E-M5 (and other OM-D's and PEN's) with some of the features introduced for the firmware for the E-M1 (the tethered shooting, improved EVF lag.)

However what is loooooooong due is an adaptable super control panel and more streamlined menu's. Guess Olympus thinks that it's fine as it is. Good for them. Glad I got rid of the inexplicable menu's and fiddly buttons. The X-Pro has it quirks too, mind you, but they are minor (and at least Fujifilm listens to its customer base.) Good for me...

Yeah, no way to change that it seems. Sorry.

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On article Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 (305 comments in total)
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JBurnett: Yay, EVF! I know young'uns often don't care, but we who need reading glasses to properly see the LCD applaud this addition.

Olymore, my night vision is already down the drain. Presyopia can't be far behind!

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