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  • Cam Remote you mean I guess. It isn’t just awful. It is pain in the ass. This is something I can’t understand. So good hardware and so bad software. A while ago I wrote a  friendly email to Fuji ...
  • BTW, there are some guys out in the wild that somehow manage it to use MF for Astro: See cloudynights To be honest: I wasn’t aware of this.
  • I can’t imagine that it would be possible to capture M 42 with a «super-tele». You need a scope plus some adequate mount etc. See this image
  • It is an investment. When I count right I’m about to reach € 20.000 just for some  standard MF Fuji equipment with three lenses plus some necessary accessories like tripod, head, tubes, bags, ...
  • Replied in Printing large
    And now we are as «schlau» as before, right? But what to do?  We need to jump to a conclusion. I would (and will) make it so when I’ll have a lab again (and bought a big printer) after decades in ...
  • Sure. I‘ll make it so. That’s the plan. And probably I’ll write a book: «Fuji GFX 50R - The Missing Manual.» Because of by chance I yesterday stumbled over this funny menue point called «DOF ...
  • Yes. Sure. Things are slightly getting better this afternoon. What helped is 1.: Practicing with the rig but without the tube first. 2.: Putting focus control on some fn button. I choosed Fn 2, ...
  • Hi all, i really wondered if i should start a new thread but as all the illuminated are here i decided to append my new question to this one. I don’t understand my cam no more, for the moment. Or ...
  • Replied in Déjà-vu
    Some dialogues here remind me to the funny little games I played with my cousins when I was a nasty little boy (about 60 years ago): «Show me yours and I’ll show you mine! ». And a cool thread needs a
  • O.K. The rig is complete: And here the inevitable orchid: I stumbled over it in my kitchen and couldn’t resist. My first MF macro ever. Thanks to all for this nice and funny thread.
  • Replied in My setup
    I guess I need to buy a pickup to carry this gear to my local botanical garden And I wonder if they let me in when I appear with such gear. Yes, I know: Studio. Thanks for sharing and best regards, ...
  • Nice. Very nice. Thanks for advice. See also this very interesting video. Classical German Engineering.  Best regards, Karl
  • True.
  • Ah, thanks. I jumped to this conclusion/solution: Best regards, Karl
  • Really cool. Probably you could also mount this device on it 🤪: Best regards, Karl P.S.: What is this tiny light in the background?
  • Thanks for your kind advice. With «geared head» you mean something like this I guess: To be honest: The «ball head» already drove me insane. And all this stuff is really expensive: The tube € 300 , ...
  • Created discussion thread My Very Basic Macro Setup
    Everybody needs a starting point. This is mine: Novoflex  Castel-Q with 50R + 110  + 45 Extension Tube mounted on a Gitzo Traveler Isn’t it nice? (Note: iPad Image) Some missing  parts that will ...
  • Little addendum: If you buy the Gitzo (my choice for my GFX 50R) don’t forget to order a quick mount plate with rubber. As far as I remember it’s type D. The plate that comes with the tripod is...

  • Thank you very much for advice
  • Pretty cool!  What a lucky shot. I wonder if something like this might be helpful. Probably someone here has some experience with the gear I mentioned (Or something similar).  Thanks in advance for ...
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