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ManuelVilardeMacedo: I don't wanna bash Pentax. I really don't. It is a respectable, innovative and honest brand which makes DSLRs I wouldn't refuse to own and would certainly enjoy. But... that pink and gold colour scheme...? I don't know what's worse - Pentax offering it, or thinking someone will actually buy one.


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Nothing wrong with different colour schemes and obviously Pentax Richoh have had some success in this area for a few years now and the fact that they are now making the full range of colours available world wide is an indication that people like it.

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Don't be too quick to judge Pentax for having a keen understanding the Japanese youth market.

A couple of years ago everyone was dumping on Pentax for coming out with different colour schemes. If you look at the latest offerings on DPreview from Olympus, Nikon and Sony, they come in all sorts of colours as well now.

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That is one ugly camera! I have yet to see one of these APSC mirror-less cameras that actually looks good.

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Graystar: WHY?

Never have I seen the announcement of a new camera system generate so much controversy. I think is is marvelous. Glad to see Pentax stirring up the pot of emotions on traditionalists. This system may prove to be more innovative and surprising that first meets the eye.

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