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Scottish Kev: Forgive me if this has already been covered but I spent a long time looking for a backpack that would carry camera gear and hiking gear, as when you are out in the wilds you dont have "just" your camera gear and then wear everything else. This bag like many out there only does camera gear.

Why dont more bag manufacturers actually design bags to carry camera gear and personal gear.

Oh and I did find a 1 or maybe 2 manufacturers who do what I think is a sensible back pack for hiking/carrying personal gear and I bought one but it was stupidly expensive (such is this camera/hobby/addiction ah well) but it does an awesome job!



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samhain: The 56mm isn't coming out till the end of the year!?! Wtf fuji.
I'd like to know what marketing genius at Fuji said "hey- we're gonna make this awesome retro rangefinder style camera- but lets do the initial release with a slow 60mm macro and wait 3 years to put a proper portrait lens out, because this camera is much more suited to people shooting macro than portraiture & candid street shots ".
That guy should be fired, but only after being kicked in groin repetedly.
The initial 3 should've been:
23mm 1.4
35mm 1.4
56mm 1.4
Macro/wide angle/zoom should've been secondary.

if any camera/lens maker could design en produce in mass about 20 lenses a year, one would. But they can not do that. Not even Canon (see 200-400 converter of the new tele is lenses). And for Fujifilm, a company that is new in this field and don;t have the mass factory capacity to do this stuff or the money for it ...

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shahid11235: I don't understand Canon's logic. There's no major improvement of sensor performance for last several years. Lenses are overpriced. 6D is another disappointment. What are they thinking themselves? Successor of Leica?

i work in a retailstore. 5D III, sells like hot cakes. 24-70 2.8 II, can't get enough of them from canon. they fly of the shelves. 28mm 2.8IS, 24 2.8 IS? All the same.. Canon can price them whatever they want, they are selling great. It's like Apple. If it's good it can sell, even at a higher pricepoint.
And the 6D a disappointment? Only if you want a sportsshootercam, which it is not. Go buy a 7D or 5DIII or 1Dx. You can't have an all in one for the price of an 1100D.

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What is it with Sony sensors and that Siemen STar CHart? Why can't it get it right?

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