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Looks like improvements over the EM1 in blue channel noise and low iso detail and color cast. But high iso looks very much like other m43 cameras. Hard to say with these charts because the differences are so small.

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This actually is a decent camera app, and I like the emulations. Surprised how well they work.

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John Koch: The camera business has not been profitable for years. Since the demand for high-end cameras is relatively inelastic (a few pros, a few well-to-do, plus some delusional GASaholics), it only makes sense to boost prices. A 40% rise in prices will NOT cause a 40% decline in demand, but perhaps only a 15% decline. Conversely, a premium cameras sold at 2013-6 prices did not attain their volume targets or earn the makers any money. Remember, any operating "profits" are negative if they do not also cover shared and financing costs, plus a competitive return on capital. All the camera companies will have to do this, more or less.

Very true. I have a feeling that Olympus is just pointing the way forward for the top of the enthusiast camera market.

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naturetech: I love Olympus and grew up with their cameras,

but I would rather buy a Pentax K-1 for this money.

Ha, I have a K1 and and EM1. The K1 is wonderful for what it does. The EM1 ll would run circles around it when it comes to focusing and tracking. Then there's the huge, modern lens selection for M43. I'm keeping my K1, but if I still only shot m43 I'd likely order this camera.

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Apparently Olympus has crossed some kind of psychological price freak-out reaction border and we now have to listen to the bleating of several hundred offended camera geeks. Funny. I hope we don't run out of exclamation points.

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On article Olympus E-M1 Mark II Iceland sample gallery (83 comments in total)

If you download the raws you can open them with Raw Therapee. Then just save them as 16 bit tiffs and adjust in Lightroom. Keep in mind that there are zero lens adjustments applied so you will see more distortion and vignetting than usual. The 12-100 looks pretty sharp.

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Nice job on the gallery.

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As far as I cn tell the iPhone 7 plus file is messed up. It looks upscaled to match the Pixel. Plus there's no jpeg option, and no iso info. Thatsaid, the Pixel lens looks good.

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On article Drone footage captures the raw power of Iceland (56 comments in total)
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naturetech: I can't wait for this drone fad to end.

I can't wait for someone to do something with them besides shoot slow motion landscape video and then edit it with mood music. Give me a decent six minute documentary that makes some use of a drone and tells an actual story beyond "look, pretty" and I'll be happy.

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On article Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM Art real world sample gallery (217 comments in total)

Very pretty photos, and here I was just saying I don't see the appeal of a rectilinear super-wide. Nice blend of good photography, good light, good lens and a good camera in this gallery.

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On article Going wide: Irix 15mm F2.4 sample gallery (108 comments in total)

I don't see much appeal to rectilinear super-wides, flare or no flare.

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Rhawi Dantas: Ricoh, if you are listening bring a GR with an 35mm equiv. lens. While at it slap a 24mp sensor and we are done.

I volunteer as tribute for testing. (hard job but someone has to do it.´).

Just make it as good as the current lens and I'd love to get it, 35, 40, 45. Whatever works well and is compact enough. I could see a lot of GR owners buying two cameras.

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Sonyshine: The Verizon deal is not done yet. The recent Yahoo scandal may make them pull out of the deal. Flickr is in decline and it's probably worth moving if you haven't already.

No real equivalent. It's okay and probably good to just keep on using it and enjoying it. I do. I store photos at Smugmug, but I share them on Flickr where I find a variety of mostly friendly people.

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Olympus OM-D E-M1 II (654 comments in total)
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rbach44: Full frame user (switched from M43 once upon a time) not looking to troll but asking an honest question:

Looking at the 25mm 1.2 makes me think the same thing as when I saw the f.95 Noktons: Isn’t this just the wrong system for shallow DOF? Putting a big, heavy, and expensive lens on a system built around portability makes no sense to me…

Especially considering that the cost of this lens is the same as a used D600+50mm 1.8, which will provide similar DOF characteristics at little size/weight penalty when considering the whole combo. And that is not even considering the (at least in my opinion) poor ergonomics of a big lens on a small body, the IQ advantage of full frame, and the (presumably) poorer performance at f1.2 compared to a good ol’ f1.8.

Of course M43 has its other advantages, but doesn’t a larger format just make more sense for shallow DOF than shoehorning a very fast lens into a system that really just doesn’t excel in that area? Am I missing something here?

For a lot of people the premium m43 lenses fall into "just right" territory wide open. And many people like just one system. I have both full frame and an EM1, and every time I use the Olympus I'm struck with how easy it is to get great looking shots.

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Sounds good, but please don't use the word "vision" in that way when talking about photography. Makes it sound like you climbed a mountain, took some peyote, and the camera gods whispered in your ear that you needed to underexpose 4 stops and raise the shadows for the perfect shot.

(Sorry for the unneeded snark, but I couldn't resist this time)

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jkrumm: Looks like my Pentax FA 50 2.8 macro too, somewhat.

I forgot that Ed was on these forums, on the lookout for the inane and incomprehensible. Next time I'll know better. Thanks for putting me in my place.

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Looks like my Pentax FA 50 2.8 macro too, somewhat.

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Mylio looks like an interesting Picasa alternative, less of a Photoshop alternative. It's importing my giant pile of photos now. Works well so far.

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What I want to know is, will it jam the controls of my Jetliner?

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On article Brooks Institute announces closure (132 comments in total)

Move to Germany and you can get a quality photography education for close to free. I heard an interview with a guy who was finishing up his doctorate. It can be very valuable to have several years to focus on learning your art, and learning about art. The guy who was just selected to be the official photographer to document National Park architecture, guess what, he studied photography at school.

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