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Capture One 10 opens these and they look quite good. Many of the snow shots are underexposed somewhat, but even with noise reduction down at zero I see some pretty good stuff. What some of these could really use was flash.

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Tan68: Consumers struggle to catalog all their photos and no doubt with 17 slightly different photos of a cat tossed onto Flickr !

This would be interesting if Ricoh has a way to upload different edits/versions of the same image and then stack or hide the versions I don't want to display.

This would be very interesting if I could upload different images that are very much the same and stack/hide/group those to show only one...

Right now, I mage my variants of an image locally and upload to my service what I want people to see. My service does allow me to hide an image from public view and this is nice, but I envision managing the variants the way a DAM would...

That's exactly what Flickr does now with camera roll. The uploader sends every image except raws to the private camera roll, then you decide if you want to put any on your public photostream.

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Kaktus Kontrafaktus: I wonder if they could extent KAF4 support to even older cameras (K-5, K-5II, K-30).

Did Pentax plan ahead when they designed the K-3 & K-50 (perhaps the final implementation turned out to be different so they had to put in some extra time to make it work) or is entirely done in software?

They likely will update as many cameras as they can. It will help sell new lenses as they come out.

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On article Cokin launches vintage-styled Riviera Classic tripod (92 comments in total)

I was going to make a joke about a big knob and leather, but decided not to go there.

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Okay, DPR owes me a dollar. Last week's free Filmborn app makes up for it, so I won't get my lawyer involved.

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Sigma82: It's funny how the ff maniacs all come to comments every m43 camera news,. We got it, tiny sensor, overpriced, bad iq blah blah blah. We really got it. Now please go enjoy ur cameras and leave us m43 users with our pieces of crap. Thank you ;)

Full frame cameras have pretty much been "stuck" at D800 levels for years.

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sapporodan: Slightly off topic but regarding the quality of Olympus images.

I found a load of photos I took on my old Olympus E-1, and was shocked to see how beautiful the images still looked, there is a wonderful colour and ‘Pop’ to them. Ok it was only 5mp but wow they look beautiful!

Going back to my modern Olympus (Ok it’s an E-M5) and the images just look more processed and digital and really rather flat :(
People are saying the image quality is great and yes it is, but dam those old Kodak sensors were good!

I want the E-M1 to take pictures like the E-1 :)

Well, one reason the old 4/3 sensors had more pop is because they had such low DR. Every shot was fairly high contrast by default.

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jonny1976: gold award this and pentax k1 silver award...what you are smoking in this website?

I actually prefer using my K1 most of the time but it has little to do with my EM1's performance. The K1 has many problems too. Focus is not the best by a long shot. Lens selection is very poor (basically I'm left scouring ebay for old Pentax lenses that often are not be that good on a 36mp digital camera in the end). Its main strength is that it is fun to shoot for my style (slow, deliberate, hand-held mostly with IBIS). And yes the noise and DR are good. Once Pentax finally comes out with the primes they should have had ready last year it might be a well-rounded system.

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jonny1976: gold award this and pentax k1 silver award...what you are smoking in this website?

I own the K1 and EM1 and agree with the assessment. They are different cameras and don't really compete with each other except in some kind of weird, "sensors only matter" universe that many DPR readers inhabit.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1244 comments in total)

It looks like maybe the studio shots were redone? Results seem good to me. Color is much less red-shifted than the EM1, and moire is perhaps a little more under control for some reason. It almost seems like they put back on a weak AA filter, which I would not mind, but maybe it's something in the raw processing. I like the appearance of the noise at high iso.

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Looks like improvements over the EM1 in blue channel noise and low iso detail and color cast. But high iso looks very much like other m43 cameras. Hard to say with these charts because the differences are so small.

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This actually is a decent camera app, and I like the emulations. Surprised how well they work.

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John Koch: The camera business has not been profitable for years. Since the demand for high-end cameras is relatively inelastic (a few pros, a few well-to-do, plus some delusional GASaholics), it only makes sense to boost prices. A 40% rise in prices will NOT cause a 40% decline in demand, but perhaps only a 15% decline. Conversely, a premium cameras sold at 2013-6 prices did not attain their volume targets or earn the makers any money. Remember, any operating "profits" are negative if they do not also cover shared and financing costs, plus a competitive return on capital. All the camera companies will have to do this, more or less.

Very true. I have a feeling that Olympus is just pointing the way forward for the top of the enthusiast camera market.

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naturetech: I love Olympus and grew up with their cameras,

but I would rather buy a Pentax K-1 for this money.

Ha, I have a K1 and and EM1. The K1 is wonderful for what it does. The EM1 ll would run circles around it when it comes to focusing and tracking. Then there's the huge, modern lens selection for M43. I'm keeping my K1, but if I still only shot m43 I'd likely order this camera.

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Apparently Olympus has crossed some kind of psychological price freak-out reaction border and we now have to listen to the bleating of several hundred offended camera geeks. Funny. I hope we don't run out of exclamation points.

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On article Olympus E-M1 Mark II Iceland sample gallery (83 comments in total)

If you download the raws you can open them with Raw Therapee. Then just save them as 16 bit tiffs and adjust in Lightroom. Keep in mind that there are zero lens adjustments applied so you will see more distortion and vignetting than usual. The 12-100 looks pretty sharp.

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Nice job on the gallery.

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As far as I cn tell the iPhone 7 plus file is messed up. It looks upscaled to match the Pixel. Plus there's no jpeg option, and no iso info. Thatsaid, the Pixel lens looks good.

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On article Drone footage captures the raw power of Iceland (56 comments in total)
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naturetech: I can't wait for this drone fad to end.

I can't wait for someone to do something with them besides shoot slow motion landscape video and then edit it with mood music. Give me a decent six minute documentary that makes some use of a drone and tells an actual story beyond "look, pretty" and I'll be happy.

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On article Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM Art real world sample gallery (215 comments in total)

Very pretty photos, and here I was just saying I don't see the appeal of a rectilinear super-wide. Nice blend of good photography, good light, good lens and a good camera in this gallery.

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