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Mickslick: Actually, this is a big time move in the right direction. $9.99 a month is a manageable cost for both lightroom and PS for serious photographers. I will bite at this level. The big mistake though is the requirement to own previous copies. They just can't go all in without hanging on to trying to nail potential new users. They should just go for broke, move to the cloud, no prior product etc... nonsense, charge a reasonable rate, which $10.00 per month is and move on. I think they would clean up and take in far more money long term, and recoup some lost PR. BTW, I have purchased both lightroom and PS So I qualify anyway, no bias here.

Well, sort of. The HSL panel can be made to do something similar to selective color, but isn't as intuitive.

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645D: Now it's priced like a Hassy... That's what Ricoh take over meant:-(

I really wonder how many commentators here have actually USED a 645D? You all seem very authoritative, but I can assure you that having owned one from launch date and with 7 lenses (yes, I do this for a living) the quality of camera and lenses is pretty much unmatched. I've also used the digital 'Blads extensively but the 645D is far superior in my opinion.

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Okotoks_Photos: Wow! Pentax has now doubled the number of lenses currently available for the 645D...

Hmmm.... Perhaps you ought to check your facts before you make a fool of yourself...

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