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If you are spending less than us$500 on a camera the iPhone plus a couple of apps is unbeatable, the images are lomo like with tons of mojo. Dslr's? just for work, too bulky and it screams please come and rob me!!
Guess the only point and shoot cameras that are going to survive are the digital rangefinders with interchangeable lenses...
for vacations, weekends and casual pictures I'll trade the fast prime look for the hipstamatic lomo look without even thinking.

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This camera tells me Sony is under a lot of pressure, looks aimed straight at taking market away from RED.
-The RED Scarlet package (batteries, remote, EVF, touch screen, ssd module, ssd reader, batteries, brain, 4x64GB ssd's, etc..) plus red rocket card for post production is around $22.000
-Canon C line doesn't make sense from top to bottom.. it is completely overpriced or under specced. To me it looks like Canon was caught by surprise with the success of the 5D MkII on the video and even the film market and they still don't have a clue what they're doing. Not to mention it seems they got greedy. Maybe next round?
I'll have to wait until we produce something with these one and go through all the stages from production to finish.
But if it matches RED I'll still go with RED, they deserve support for being innovators, for disrupting the market and shaking the big guys.

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