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Asylum Photo: The most damning thing is the photographer taking a picture instead of trying to save a life. I don't buy the whole "I popped my flash to slow the train down" bit. Maybe this is why I could never be a photojournalist. Given the choice between stepping into the scene and doing good, vs capturing the scene, I'd choose the former every time.

Foot: Not only was he pushed, he was pushed trying to protect other people from a deranged man. If you haven't been on a NYC subway, there have been other instances of nutjobs pushing people onto the track.

While not common, I always try to watch what is going on around me to protect myself from the risk. BUT - it isn't easy in a crowded subway.

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I think the picture was fine, but the headline was over the top and offensive. It reads like a "joke" and it certainly isn't funny.

Note - I am a NY Post subscriber (iPad Version). One of the controversies was the photographer's decision to take photos instead of rescuing the man. From what I have heard and read, I don't think a rescue was possible (by the photographer).

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