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Thanks for the interview. A safe speculation would be 36mp (though I don't require it), a great optical viewfinder and some sleight of hand like you mentioned-similar to what Oly has done on up-res'-ing the sensor. We'll get improved AF performance but we won't be in Canikon territory. That's fine. Offering a class-leading OVF at the price point of the D610 ticks a lot of boxes: not too expensive for Pentax because they can rely on the K-3/645 platforms to produce a great camera economically and therefore not too expensive for users who could consider it a serious alternative to the usual suspects. I would be more than satisfied with such a solution.

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SKPhoto12: It is simple; FF lenses can not be small unless they are MF. Then Leica size lenses are possible, but otherwise, the present FF lense size is what you will get for the Sony A7 line. That is why there is no F1.4 lenses available so far. The faster, the bigger.
The option is to use MF lenses like the Nikon or Minolta AI lenses or the Canon FE. If you want really small lenses on a small body, then go MFT. I did and I print 40x60 cm quality prints no problem.

@Jonath there are not many but they exist: like the 31mm Ltd and 77mm Ltd from Pentax, introduced in the 1990s and still producing stunning images (with AF).

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Welcome updates. I never thought I'd write this but "Face Detection, please!" It's seriously useful. My X10 has it and it works well. Why not the X-Pro1/EX1 etc.

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Edgar Matias: Can we get proper navigation on these review pages?

10 pages is a lot to sort through without being able to go the one you actually want. See DPReview for how to do it right. Either the page thumbnails or pop-up menu would do the trick.

Not read the review but I recognise the Kruder & Dorfmeister EP cover doing their Simon and Garfunkle impression. Good taste.

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Yes and a Pentax mount please like the existing model: Pentax have no equivalent of their own this or last decade.

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I've been predicting they'd bring out this lens. I have the non-VC, nonPZ version for my D3. Optically is the equal of the best lenses I've used and, barring Leica, I've used the best. Now: will they get the pricing right? I bought mine for about £550. I'd say a shade under £1,000 would be value for money and enough of a discount to tempt away would-be Canon and Nikon equivalent buyers. At £900 it's going to make a killing.

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ProfHankD: I don't have one of these cameras, but it looks to me like the primary problem is sensor pixel leakage, which would explain why lower ISOs have it worse. If so, a firmware fix is not going to make the problem go away.

However, computationally recognizing this defect and artificially replacing the orbs with a synthesized structure is definitely feasible. Here's my 30-second try:

I can probably create a script to automatically do a little better than this. Is this good enough to be worthwhile?

Terrific job. Now if only Fujifilm could do it this well! Thanks for the constructive post.

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Is this Clayton, Droylsden? Would be interested to see other shots from this series, living as I do in Ancoats.

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